2023 Top Four F1 Teams Ranking

Which team duets stand to be 2023`s best combination?

Ranking the Top Four F1 teams in 2023 and analyzing their driver combinations is a challenging task. Each team boss claims to have the best driver duo, but determining the strongest partnership involves considering various factors such as statistics, achievements, recent form, and intuition.

1. MercedesF1_Mercedes_Mick_Lewis_George_Toto.jpg

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell form the strongest partnership, narrowly edging out Red Bull. Hamilton's status as one of the sport's greatest requires a remarkable teammate to affect the average. However, Russell proves to be the opposite. The young British driver has seamlessly adapted to Mercedes and usually matches or even exceeds Hamilton's pace. Hamilton currently holds a 22-point advantage over Russell in the Drivers' Championship, primarily due to Russell's retirement in Australia. This battle between Hamilton and Russell is set to continue throughout the season, and possibly beyond, given Russell's commitment to Mercedes. While Hamilton's statistics put him far ahead, Russell's victory and pole position highlight his exceptional performance alongside his esteemed teammate.

2. Red BullMax_Verstappen-and-Sergio_Perez.jpg

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez make a formidable pair, achieving four 1-2 finishes in the first four races of 2023. Verstappen's relentless consistency sets a high standard, even surpassing Lewis Hamilton, while Perez's inconsistency brings down the average compared to the Mercedes combination. Although Perez can deliver outstanding performances as seen in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan, his lows are significant, especially when compared to Verstappen's dominance. Despite this, Perez contributes enough to secure titles for Red Bull, even if he can't consistently challenge Verstappen.

3. FerrariFerrari_3.jpg

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz possess different strengths. Leclerc had the edge in performance when Ferrari was competitive, but the SF-23 car's difficulties have somewhat equalized their performance. Leclerc still seems faster in qualifying, but Sainz has improved compared to last year. Both drivers often fought for the best-of-the-rest position in 2021. Sainz's steadiness has helped him recover from a challenging season, while Leclerc's lack of reliability and criticism have affected his confidence. Ferrari's tendency to encounter incidents makes their gravel excursions less surprising. Sainz, with a 16-point lead in the standings, may come out on top in their battle this year.

4. AlpineF1_Alpine_Pierre_Gasly+Esteban_Ocon.jpg

The pairing of Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon is an all-French combination that has surprisingly started well. Their professional maturity has prevented any on-track issues, despite their personal history. Gasly's consistency was evident in 2021, finishing ninth in the standings with several strong points finishes. Ocon outperformed Fernando Alonso at Alpine in 2022, although the latter faced more technical problems. While Ocon has been better than Gasly this year, Gasly is expected to improve as he adapts to Alpine. Ocon has shown impressive performances when the car permits, like in Monaco.