Piastri is eager to work with McLaren

The Australian driver is looking forward to joining forces with the British F1 team to reach new heights in the coming season.

Everyone knows Piastri is quite talented, as both McLaren and Alpine were fighting for him. Luckily, the FIA Contract Recognition Board came to the rescue and resolved the issue.

He was behind the wheel recently in the Abu Dhabi Pirelli tire test. Asked how he felt about the whole incident, he commented, “It’s a cool feeling. A very different feeling to the Young Driver Test that I did last year because I knew that was a day to have fun in an F1 car whereas this year, it’s a building block towards next year. But it was awesome to have my first day with McLaren, get to know everyone in the team and try and improve, get back up to speed for next year. A pretty special one.”

Piastri is eager to get to know the whole team.  “That’s one of the keys to days like today. In terms of lap times, it’s meaningless because you never know what everyone else is doing. That’s not the first port of call for the day, it's getting to know my engineers, my mechanics, and everyone on the team. A lot of new names to learn, that’s up there with one of the most important things today especially getting into good communications with my engineers in the team in particular, learning how we get feedback and what we want to adjust, and getting to learn each other. That’s 100% what today is about," he said. 

“It’s really positive, driving the car today was the most positive thing, and you obviously can’t substitute anything for track time. So I think having today especially was really important, a really positive thing to have. And then working on the peripherals I guess and getting to know my engineers better and everyone in the team better, and if there are a few things that I want to change for next year, I can talk to people about that. Quite looking forward to being able to design some of my own little things if I want to, all of that kind of background stuff that doesn’t necessarily get seen, that’s all stuff I can work on in the next six weeks." 

"I’m in the factory next week to have my official introduction, which will be nice, and meet everyone there. A lot of people to meet, so I’m looking forward to that. After that, continue work in the sim, and get to know my engineers and mechanics better. Without driving the car, those are the big ticket items to focus on," he said eagerly.