A switch in roles forces Mercedes to rearrange its F1 technical staff

This restructuring will enable the team to optimize their performance further and make the most of their resources.

A change in roles between James Allison and Mike Elliott has caused Mercedes' technical staff to restructure as a result. This move was made to make the most of both engineers' experience. Allison is now Mercedes' Technical Director, while Elliott will become Chief Technical Officer. The team is confident that this change will help them maintain success in future seasons.


Elliott concluded that his abilities were not the best fit for his role as technical director. This led to the radical transition that occurred 20 months after Allison first started the CTO job. Following a difficult start to the 2023 season, Elliott agreed with Allison that a change of roles would improve the team. Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff spoke about the relocation and stated that Mike Elliott overseeing it greatly influenced it. This is according to an interview with Motorsport.com.

We have therefore switched roles. Mike has been promoted to CTO due to his brilliant and sharp scientific mind. James Allison has also returned to his role as technical director, reporting to Mike. Allison used to serve as a CTO three days a week, but Elliott will be on-site without time constraints. This means Elliott will be dedicated to his work. The America's Cup project, which Allison worked on while serving as CTO, is also thought to remain a part of his future.

Elliott, according to Wolff, thought Allison was far better suited to the technical director position, where he would have more direct control over the car, and it would be advantageous for him to concentrate on broader technical advancements within the organization that align with his abilities. Mike realized that his abilities and approach are most effective in advancing the organization's growth by improving both technical and human capacities as well as creating a long-lasting successful structure.

"The goal is to build a system that will succeed for the foreseeable future."

Technological advancements, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are undergoing transformations. In addition, consider what innovations might be included in the organization and structure of a modern Formula 1 team. For its W14, Mercedes is working on a number of improvements that it expects will help it catch pacesetter Red Bull. The car will undergo improvements, including an updated side pod design. After Allison was appointed technical director, Wolff said the group would maintain its focus on development. He declared, “We're on what we think is the right path right now, but we have different managerial styles and personalities.”