Adrian Newey makes worrying prediction about F1 2026 cars

Adrian Newey makes worrying prediction about F1 2026 cars


Renowned F1 designer Adrian Newey has issued a warning about the future speed of Formula 1 cars, stating that the vehicles in 2026 will be "a lot slower" due to significant changes in power unit regulations. 

The 2026 season will mark a new era for F1 engines, with updated rules designed to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. These changes will enable the use of fully sustainable fuels and provide three times the electrical power of the current engines, all while enticing manufacturers like Audi, Honda, and Ford back into the sport. 

Despite the positive environmental and financial impact of these regulations, Newey anticipates a decrease in speed. He explained that regulations are necessary to prevent F1 cars from becoming excessively fast, which could pose serious safety risks and put immense pressure on tire manufacturers. 

According to Newey, the proposed 2026 rules might make the cars considerably slower than the current generation. Over the years, F1 cars have gradually become faster, with notable milestones such as Keke Rosberg's record-setting lap speed of 259.01 km/h (160.94 mph) in 1985 at Silverstone.

 This record stood for 19 years until Juan Pablo Montoya set a new record of 259.83 km/h (161.451 mph) during the 2004 Italian Grand Prix qualifying. Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamilton later set faster lap records, with Hamilton achieving an average speed of 264.362 km/h (164.267 mph) in 2020 at Monza.

 Additionally, the highest recorded speed during a race occurred in the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix when Valtteri Bottas reached an astounding 372.5 km/h (231.4 mph). Despite these achievements, Newey's insights suggest that the forthcoming changes in F1 regulations might mark the end of an era of exceptionally high speeds in the sport.