Adrian Newey now works part-time in Formula One

Adrian Newey has shifted his focus to part-time involvement in the world of Formula One, utilizing his expertise to significant effect.

Mr Adrian Newey stands out as one of the most spectacular technical geniuses in Formula One history. He recently assisted Red Bull team in winning six drivers' world championship and five constructors' Championship. Before joining the Milton Keynes based team, he had already achieved three drivers’ championships and four constructors’ championships with Williams team. He also alongside achieved two drivers’ championships and a constructors’ championship at McLaren team.

Mr Newey has co-worked with some of the most historic and successful F1 teams and has collaborated with a selection of the best drivers in the entire world. Some of these people are Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Ayrton Senna, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Kimi Räikkönen. Mr Newey has worked with a lot of former champions.


Newey has reached 64 years and one would say he is now in his prime, yet he appears to be withdrawing from Formula 1 racing. Christian Horner, who is the Red Bull team Principal, confabulated with Auto Motor and Sport about Newey’s role and position in the Milton Keynes team in the future. While shedding light about Newey and his period in Formula 1, Horner revealed that they have always worked with Adrian Newey, just not every day, and that’s not a new or surprising working condition for the team.

Mr Horner revealed that over the last few years, Mr Adrian has taken some time to breathe from the day-to-day work in Formula One. He now divides his time between the cutting edge technology and the championship. On the other side of the coin, the Red Bull boss does not think this is a complete disadvantage for his team. He insists that they have the strongest technical staff and that they have willingly allowed Adrian to leave. As an ambitious man, Mr Newey is also working on the Valkyrie supercar project.

Mr Horner further shaded light on Newey’s time with Red Bull team, working in Formula One. He elucidated that 50% of his time was spent on Formula One, that he comes to the office a few times a week but when his help is needed, the technical team can always bring him in.


Although Adrian Newey may not be fully involved in Red Bull’s development and progress, the future still looks bright for the Milton Keynes based team. They have recently launched their 2023 challenger, the RB19, located in New York. Now the question stands, will the Red Bull team feel the loss of Mr Newey, especially if he continues to drift further away from the sport? All we have to do now is let time take its course as we observe.