Alfa Romeo`s Zhou Guanyu impresses at Qualifying Session

Zhou Guanyu secured an incredible third-row starting position.


The spotlight may have been on Lewis Hamilton's brilliant pole position lap, but another impressive performance that should not be overlooked came from Zhou Guanyu, driving for Alfa Romeo. Zhou managed to secure an incredible third-row starting position, surpassing expectations and outperforming faster cars on paper, such as Red Bull's Sergio Perez and Ferrari's Charles Leclerc. In fact, Zhou will start alongside Leclerc in the Hungarian Grand Prix, a remarkable achievement considering he is only in his second year in Formula 1 and drives a customer car compared to the one from the prestigious Maranello-based team.

Speaking to Sky Sport F1, Zhou expressed his astonishment at his result while also conveying his determination to capitalize on it during the race. He acknowledged that Alfa Romeo has shown good pace throughout the weekend and expected to reach Q3, but fifth place exceeded their expectations. Zhou found confidence from his top position in Q1, which motivated him to perform well in subsequent sessions, especially in Q3 where it mattered most. With a strong car at his disposal, Zhou and the team are hopeful for a successful finish in the race.


The surprising performance of Alfa Romeo in Hungary is crucial for them in terms of points. In recent races, they have been surpassed by Haas and Williams in the Constructors' standings, making a strong result imperative. The progress of the Alfa Romeo C43 on Hungarian soil was also commended by Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur, emphasizing how the Swiss team has regained momentum without significant updates. Furthermore, the team's fantastic Saturday was further attested by Valtteri Bottas, who achieved a commendable seventh-place time, narrowly beating Fernando Alonso's Aston Martin by just one thousandth of a second.

It is clear that Alfa Romeo has surprised many with their performance in qualifying, setting themselves up for a competitive race. Their aim is not only to secure a strong finish but also to accumulate the much-needed points that will propel them forward in the Constructors' standings. With the car performing well and the driver exhibiting confidence and determination, tomorrow's race holds great promise for Alfa Romeo.