Alonso still passing hints of F1 2023 title victory ambitions

Fernando Alonso Díaz, the Spanish racing driver currently competing for Aston Martin in Formula One has a record for winning the series' World Drivers' Championship in 2005 and 2006 with Renault. He has driven for McLaren, Ferrari, and Minardi. The 41 year old driver says he and Aston Martin have not yet given up on winning the Formula One world championship this year, although Max Verstappen is still occupying that title. 


During the Monaco Grand Prix, the Spanish driver took second place, with Verstappen in first place. Although Alonso has been seen as Red Bull's main challenger, he slipped 51 points amiss of Verstappen in the driver's standings. Alonso's experience with Ferrari in 2010 and 2012, where he was competing for the championship although not having the best car, have proven to him just what is possible over the course of a campaign. 

On the Monaco GP and his thoughts on the title, Alonso mentioned, “Let's see. I think in any other of the seasons that I remember, back in the 2000s or early 2010s, I would be leading the championship with the results that I got this year. But now there is Red Bull and Max dominating every race. Even with great results, you're just stepping behind them, every race. So, I don't know. But we didn't have the best car in 2010 and we arrived leading the championship in Abu Dhabi. We didn't have the best car in '12 and we still fight for the championship until the last lap in Brazil. So, the championship is long, and we will not give up.” 

Adding on he continued, "We will need weekends where Red Bull has some issues, like Sergio Perez had here in Monaco with the DNF or zero points. And if Max has one or two of those, we will be a little bit closer in the championship. This is motorsport. Anything can happen. But on pure pace. I think we don't have the chance yet. But we will not give up for sure." 


At the Monaco Grand Prix podium celebrations, Alonso deliberately put one of his feet on the race winner's step, which for many showed his success ambitions. On that he had this to say: "I will always take a picture on position one at the end after the campaign. So yeah, I touched it a few times already this year. I will love to receive the trophy from there but yeah, I'm not getting obsessed with this to be honest. I will be happy fighting for the championship with all second places until the end of the year or fighting for the championship next year. This year is just a gift. What we are having every weekend is just a celebration with the team. We didn't expect this and this is just a build-up into next year, so hopefully good things are coming."