‘100-race plan’ is still on.....says Szafnauer

The '100-race plan' is still on the table, according to Szafnauer, indicating a willingness to explore the potential of an extended racing season.

Otmar Szafnauer proudly confirms that Alpine is ready and hopes to be the 2023 champions. 

Alpine began racing two years ago. This was after Renault opted for a rebranding. Alpine secured the fifth position during the 2021 season. In 2022, they rose to fourth after winning the Hungarian Grand Prix.

With their recent launch of the 2023 A523, Alpine is hoping to challenge the top three teams (Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes) by stepping up. 

As of early 2022, Szafnauer has joined Alpine from Aston Martin. In response to a question about what the team's target is for the 2023 season, he adamantly said, "A good year for us is a lot closer to third." There was a big gap between fourth and third last year, so being significantly closer to the top three and perhaps a little bit further away from fifth."

Added on, he said, “Although we finished fourth, it was a hard-fought year with McLaren. We were only a few points ahead of them at the end. Fourth and fifth were nearly equal on points, and a third was a long way away. We want to get significantly closer to third and be a solid fourth this year, and look to move even closer the year after.”


As described by Szafnauer, the team is in the most favorable position to continue their "100 race plan," outlined by Laurent Rossi in 2021, and they are on the right track. The goal is still to get back to their winning ways. 

“The 100-race plan is still our target and our goal. There is a lot to do between now and then, but yes, we are monitoring that closely," Szafnauer remarked. “It is a matter of tools, methodology, and people, and that takes time. Even if you identify the right skill sets and the people, if they’re coming from other teams, they’ll be on long notice periods or fixed-term contracts that you have to wait for to run out. But we’re attracting the right people and, in the meantime, we’re putting the methodologies and tools in place that we need.”