Analyzing the Mercedes W14 in great detail

This detailed analysis can provide valuable insights into the design, performance, and safety of the Mercedes W14.

The Mercedes W14 has been exposed to daylight and, during its lifetime, it has completed its opening laps at Silverstone. In 2023, Mercedes hopes that this amazing car will qualify them for the championship competition. As previously mentioned, this year marks the rebounce of a full black uniform at Mercedes. This is in addition to the colours worn by the German team during 2020 and 2021.


Let's remember that the Mercedes W14 team has not ditched its general concept from last year, with several aerodynamic features from last year which include the zero side pods staying as features even this year in 2023. Specifically, the team has paid attention in working to correct the aspects of the previous season's design.

The Technical Director Mike Elliot brought out that considering where the team was last year, they have made progress. He went on to say that it had been a challenging winter, and they had to work hard, therefore it was great to see the efforts from both locations. He said there has been great dedication of time and endless hours to reach where they are as a team at the moment.


The front area of the W14 has the most similarities when compared to the previous last season. The 2023 version still has an elongated nose that extends to the maximum allowed limit, and rests on the main plane. Mercedes has chosen to stick with a long nose. This is opposite to Ferrari team because they have adopted a shorter version of the nose, which opens the front plane between the main plane and the second flap. 

The details of the front wing are a sight to see as they have a more up washed flap design at the located at the center, with a more rectangular shape throughout the wing body. The most interesting part of the Mercedes W14 front end is the suspension, it is designed with wishbones, although the overall push rod layout remains. In this solution, Both teams Mercedes and Ferrari agree with their 2023 cars, as Brackley also decided to align the steering column with the lower suspension triangle.