Andretti Might Be Joining The Formula 1 Grid Very Soon

With his impressive racing pedigree and vast experience, Michael Andretti is expected to make a big impact on the Formula 1 grid when he joins.

Horner believes Andretti should follow in the footsteps of Red Bull and Mercedes. Andretti Autosport is his auto racing team competing in the IndyCar Series, Indy NXT, IMSA and Formula E. The team also owns his 37.5% interest in the Australian Supercar Championship touring car team, Walkinshaw Andretti United, and an interest in Extreme E Team Andretti United. As such, Horner believes buying an existing F1 team is the right thing for Andretti to do.

Andretti announced a partnership with Cadillac, the luxury vehicle design and manufacturing arm of American automaker General Motors. The FIA ​​has given the opportunity to potential new teams interested in participating in the sport.

Andretti was advised to buy an existing team. Christian Horner also acknowledged that most teams are currently buying or investing in existing teams.

"Red Bull Racing was Jaguar and Stewart Ford," he said. From Honda to British American Racing to Tyrell, take a look at Mercedes. Aston Martin is the Jordan team again. This has been going on for many years. Nothing against Andretti at all. They are great people and Cadillac is a great brand. However, we need to develop standards for 2026 that do not detract from the value of small teams in particular and address elephants in the following areas:
Who will pay for it? As for the new deal, it would have to pay a down payment that would not devalue the 10th franchise, but at the same time Liberty and the team would have to accept that compromises were inevitable. ”

He continued, "Of course, there are practical elements such as:
Will these new venues we're visiting have enough garages to accommodate Team 11? Andretti are a great team. Mario Andretti is synonymous with his F1... Cadillac, GM is his one of the world's biggest car manufacturers. So it's great to see them do well in sports, but it has to be done right. ” 


Commenting further, he said, “If the teams are asked to pay for it, that is liable to become a problem among the 10 teams. There are two teams that agree to it at the moment. One happens to be a partner of Andretti in IndyCar, and the other is likely to be supplying an engine. So it’s obvious why they would support it. Unless there’s a new Concorde Agreement coming up in 2026, which would seem the juncture to deal with it, rather than prior to that. There’s a commitment between now and the end of 2025. So, if in 2026, there are two new teams, so long as fiscally it doesn’t harm the existing teams, I can’t see anybody being against it.”