Anti-Andretti Crusade continues with two more F1 teams

A brief account on continuation of Anti-Andretti crusade with two more F1 teams joining in.


Two prominent Formula 1 teams have joined forces to continue opposing Michael Andretti's bid to enter the sport. As the unofficial deadline for ruling on the inclusion of an 11th team passed, Fred Vasseur once again questioned Andretti's potential contributions. Andretti, one of five applicants for a place on the Formula 1 grid, has faced repeated obstacles from existing teams who are reluctant to share their prize money with an additional team. Vasseur, the Ferrari team boss, believes that being American alone is not enough to warrant a place on the grid. He argues that the current ten teams have worked hard to establish and sustain the sport's success, which he feels should be taken into consideration when considering new entries. 

Vasseur suggests that if the aim is to increase Formula 1's popularity in the United States, it would be more effective to have an American driver rather than an American team. Despite Andretti's partnership with Cadillac, Vasseur remains unconvinced that this alone justifies their entry into Formula 1. Christian Horner, head of Red Bull Racing, also expresses doubts about General Motors' commitment to Formula 1 and speculates that their involvement may be merely a branding exercise. 


Although the unofficial May 31st deadline has passed, the FIA is still assessing whether Andretti or any of the other four potential teams can join the grid in 2025. However, the main concerns revolve around logistical issues and financial implications for the existing teams. Ultimately, the decision will depend on who will finance the entry and how it may affect the income structure of the sport.