Audi are officially part owners of the Sauber Group, having acquired a minority stake.

This investment marks Audi's first steps into the world of Formula 1.

It has been brought to light that Audi will officially enter Formula 1 in 2026. This is because the company has teamed with the Sauber Group, who are the owners of the F1 team Alfa Romeo. This year is Alfa Romeo’s team's final campaign connection with the Hinwil-based team. The Italian carmaker has stepped aside as Audi and Sauber inevitably get closer, showing that there is a strong connection brewing. 

As of late, Audi bought an undisclosed part in the Sauber company. This is the latest move in the relationship between Audi and Sauber Group, and this move has made the relationship stronger. This shows a snippet of the future between the two parties, and it can be seen that they will be inseparable. With this move, the future looks bright and the grass is surely greener on this side. 

There has been a brief statement that has been circulating. It states that the Sauber Group is very happy to announce that, from the plans denoted in the month of October of the previous year, the organization Audi finally managed to acquire a minority stake in January 2023 in the Sauber Group.

It is important to note that this is a very important milestone on the way for the Audi team's entry into Formula One. However, this does not pose a big setback as they have already shown progress by acquiring a minority stake. Audi's entrance into Formula One is scheduled for the year 2026. When this has been achieved, the Sauber Group will be the brand of the German's strategic partner. It will serve as a face for the forefront in representing the team.

The two organizations foreshadowed in October last year that Sauber will evolve into the strategic partner of Audi’s F1 program. They also announced that Audi has plans to acquire a share in the Sauber Group. It is an achievement to see that Audi's plans have manifested this year in 2023. Joe Saward, an F1 journalist, elucidates that January’s acquisition was for twenty-five percent with Audi scheduled to buy another twenty-five percent in the year 2024 before rising their stake to seventy-five percent in the year 2025. It is clear that Audi is ambitious and has big plans for the Sauber group. 

Moreover, the organization Audi has a three-year constructed plan for F1 wins.  Adam Baker was appointed by Audi as the CEO to supervise and oversee the company’s steps into Formula 1. He also must oversee the Australian explanation to as of the previous month about the reasons behind the company’s decision to engage in the Formula One sports. 


Formula 1 is in a changing period with a sustainable method for the upcoming championship. The new rules and regulations will introduce innovative power units zeroing in on the electrical part. Sustainable fuels will also be provided. All this will be checked for its alignment with Audi’s future strategy, which is directed toward electric mobility. 

Simultaneously, F1 has achieved cost reduction, which makes it attractive and enlarges the market. The F1 car engines of 2026 will have a spending limit and that ensures the certainty of long-term budgets enforced by the Cost cap budget. There is a comment from an unknown source that states that if one wants a platform for demonstrating competence and knowledge, then Formula One is the best place.