Belgian Grand Prix secures race qualification 

Just days after registration for 2024, the Belgian Grand Prix organizers are already looking forward to signing Spa-Francorchamps' next F1 race deal. 

Until the 2024 calendar, which includes an unprecedented 24 grands prix, was unveiled, speculation was rife that the legendary Spa would fall victim to F1's entry into new markets.


At the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Belgian race organizer and president of Spa Grand Prix Melchior Wasle said he was already looking at a new deal for 2025. "Spa-Francorchamps has many perspectives," he told RTBF. "We learn over the weekend like this, but they also learn from us. It's a celebration of F1." “We are discussing the transition beyond 2025 and the situation is positive,” added Wassle. He confirmed that a similar single-race deal had been agreed with F1 for 2024 after a one-year deal for 2023. 

"We need to get information about 2025 urgently," Wozaret said. “But with all European GPs being renegotiated for 2025 and 2026, it won't be easy, but we are trying to have all possibilities on our side.” Twenty-four races a year is now even considered to be F1's absolute limit, with some European races such as Spa and Zandvoort under pressure to switch to an annual rotation system.


McLaren CEO Zak Brown said: "We hope one day we will have 24 grands prix, but to open up more markets we need 20 fixed and eight rotating grands prix. It may exist," he said. “That translates to 24 trips a year in 28 markets.”