Blundell doubts Hamilton's 2023 victory at Mercedes

He believes that Mercedes may struggle to remain competitive in the years to come, and Hamilton will have to contend with stiffer competition if he hopes to keep winning.

According to Mr Mark Blundell, the fate of Lewis Hamilton claiming a record-breaking eighth World Championship is entirely at the hands of an adrift Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton will head into the 2023 season with the ambition of fighting against Max Verstappen and Red Bull in order to claim his eighth world Championship. He was not in a position to do so last season.

In 2021, he was not able to win due to sad and controversial circumstances at the season finale in Abu Dhabi. However, the fresh start given to the teams by the new regulation adjustments saw the Mercedes fall away from the front of Formula 1 as their W13 car proved unstable and unable to compete with Red Bull or Ferrari for most of the season. While Mercedes had attained a Grand Prix win at the end of the season, with George Russell leading a 1-2 in Brazil, the team’s third place finish in the Constructors’ Championship was a setback in their performance level over the season.

Mr Blundell said there is no denying Hamilton’s ability.  2023 will allow teams to correct their mistakes in designs, there is a chance that Mercedes will take a significant step forward, but Mark Blundell does not believe the Brackley based team will be able to do enough to give Hamilton a car capable to do so.


In his words he said “There is no denying that Lewis’ ability is there to win a World Championship, we have seen it many times. But you’re only as good as the car, and something in the back of my mind give me paranoia that Mercedes is not going to come out as the fastest car on the grid for race one." He went on to state that he is not sure why, but he thinks there is a bit of focus that's been lost on the inside. 

One of the unique non-driver team switches of the off-season was to leave James Vowles, the head of Mercedes strategy, with the Brackley team vet also departing to join the Williams team as their new Principal. It is because of changes like this that Mr Blundell believes Mercedes aren’t quite up to par like how they once. Therefore, can we blame Mr Blundell and say he is overshadowed with negative thoughts? 

He also commented that there have been some few changes, including structural and personnel. But even with these changes, he believes that the same pressure as before won't be applied, thus making them a little bit adrift. He left the fans with food for thought as he inevitably asked, “Can they come back this season and start to dominate like we’ve seen in previous seasons?” I’m unsure. " Therefore, we can only wait to see as the 2023 season unfolds.