Christian Horner's rival

The rival of Christian Horner

Recently, Christian Horner was in a discussion of his surprise rivals for Red Bull team in 2023, he pinpointed the Aston Martin team. 

The Red Bull team are going into the new season as clear title favorites after their dominant 2022 crusade, with Mr Verstappen securing the Drivers’ title with 4 rounds to spare, while Red Bull also maneuvered to their first Constructors’ crown since the year 2013. The chasing crew then will be looking to bar Red Bull’s roll from going any further, with Ferrari and Mercedes expected to be their main rivals. But now the question is, could any of the remaining seven teams make stand ten toes down?

From analysis, Alpine appears the most likely, having reached the top in the 2022 midfield war after a successful stroke of upgrades and improvements brought constant and consistent improvement, although Aston Martin are another team that make Horner sleep with one eye open. Now dressed with the services of a twice World Champion Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin appear strong, unstoppable and are investing heavily in their workforce and facilities for a push force to the top of F1, with the AMR23 challenger therefore needing to be a marked improvement on its forerunner.

Now with the optimistic Aston Martin team talking big figures, it qualifies them as a team to closely watch by Horner. When asked by Auto Motor and Sport if a surprise rival could emerge in Formula One in 2023, Mr Horner replied: “You never know, I mean Alpine made progress in the second half of the year.” He also said that they keep hearing big numbers from Aston Martin, so as a rival they can never know in terms of what the running outcome will be and should be ready for anything. He also alluded that McLaren might get it together this year and so the grid should have stable regulations start to close up.


Honestly, the thought of a Formula One season where six teams are potentials for taking the throne sounds like heaven, but even if half of that number were involved in the potentials, then it would make it hard for the Red Bull team to repeat their amazing count of seventeen wins from 22 grand’s prix last year in 2022. Because of that, Mr Horner believes even half of that tally, and their 2022 total of 759 points, with 454 coming from Mr Verstappen, could be enough for Red Bull to reclaim the silverware this season in 2023.

As he continued expressing his view, he said they had an amazing experience and season in 2022. It’s only now when they look back at what they did, the 17 victories, Constructor's Champion, the two race sprint victories and the driver's Championship, it was surely an unbelievable year. So in his view he believes that if they achieve at least 50% of that, in terms of race wins and end points, it will still be enough to win the championship. 

However in his closing statement, he admitted that Ferrari has had a good car last year and that their going to be a challenge for him this year. He also stated that he is sure that  Mercedes will recover from their disaster last year.