Could Albon really return to Red Bull and replace Perez?

Saturdays in Formula 1 are known for two things at the moment. ONE: Max Verstappen on the Pole and two: Sergio Perez was eliminated.

Two Red Bull teammates are having very different results on the same RB19 car at the moment, as the reigning world champion has 5 in a row while Perez has missed 5 Q3 sessions in the same bracket time. The Mexican's last defeat was at the British Grand Prix, where he waited at the end of the pit lane to clear the red flag so he could prepare for his final lap. At first he was the fastest but lost too much tire temperature so the track is improving rapidly allowing the others to go even faster. He finished the Q1 session in 16th place and battled across the court for race day sixth in front of a record crowd at Silverstone, but he can't expect to keep his place beyond weekly top 10. And that seems to be the talking point in the paddock with Italian newspaper La Gazzetta Dello Sport claiming that Alex Albon could be in Red Bull's sights to replace Perez.




Albon took over Pierre Gasly at Red Bull after Helmut Marko lost patience with the French driver but the Thai driver underperformed alongside Verstappen and lost his seat to Perez at the end of the 2020 season. At first, Perez played as one would expect of a typical number two, sometimes winning but always getting close enough to block the nearest opponents. After all, it was that very last point that helped Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton to win his first title in 2021. But Perez looked as good as ever in early 2023 with two wins in his first four races, after which he said he would fight Verstappen for the title. Big mistake.

The Dutchman has since won every race as an afterthought, while Perez has only one podium in Austria to his name. On the other hand, Albon has excelled alongside Williams and scored all of their 11 assists this season, far ahead of rookie teammate Logan Sargeant. Helmut Marko may have been impressed with the London-born man as he grew up from the Red Bull stables, but is it time to turn back? If Albon wants to win the race then he needs to join Red Bull as no one else has any hope at the moment but if he is beaten by Verstappen again his F1 career has could finish and while Perez didn't have the ball, the Dutch were fine they didn't need a second driver.