Could Red Bull cracks be widening since Sergio Perez is calling for a review of communications?

Could Red Bull cracks be widening since Sergio Perez is calling for a review of communications?

Sergio Perez has called for a review of Red Bull’s late race communications with its drivers, he has mainly done this because he is suspicious of his team mate Max Verstappen. 

Perez was running 1-2 in the finals laps on Sunday in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix ,he was holding his advantage over Max at just over five seconds. 
The teammates were told to manage and maintain their pace, both receiving the message to race in 1:33s pace. However Mr Verstappen, continued to move in the 1:32s and did not answer to the Red Bull’s call. This left Perez suspicious.

Immediately cutting into Perez' lead, which was now 4.2s. Frustrated, he then asked the Red Bull team if they were 'laboring for nothing' given the teams various reliability concerns, adding that they don't need this only to be they were still free to push.

As the team mates began to race for the final lap, Perez had grip on the fastest lap and the bonus point but Verstappen back stabbed him by taking it from him. Although Max was told that Red Bull is not concerned with the fastest lap points, he replied with "I am" leading to him grasping the point from Perez.

Perez was definetely not impressed by Max's stunt on him as it meant he was now denied what would have gone down in history as the first ever P1 in the Driver's Championship standing. Expressing his dissapointment in the post race press conference, he said, " Two laps from the end, they told me to keep a certain pace, they told me I had the fastest lap and to keep the pace, a certain pace." He said he thought the communication was the same to Verstappen, so they need to review the communication because it appears he got different information.

However, Max said it was a normal thing to enquire about the fastest lap as it is worth a point after all. He said they were first of all free to race and obviously they had a target lap time to the end but as it is known there is a point on the line. Therefore he thinks it is worth chasing that point.

Team boss Christian Horner, the team boss interjected saying, "Inevitably as Max said on the radio, the point for the fastest lap meant a lot to him. And there was no reason for us to not let either him or Chico have a crack at it.

From my perspective, one can argue, as Perez does, that Perez was not given a fair crack as he had the fastest lap and was told to keep the pace yet Max did not keep the pace. Perez’s distrust of Max was clear in his late race communication with Red Bull as he had moved to second place. His response made it clear that he did not believe Max would stick to the teams orders as when he was told to drop into the 1.33s,he responded by asking, "Is Max doing the same?"

Frankly speaking, its not the first time Max has took points off Perez through ignoring the team's orders.  If we take a look back to last year in the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Max was asked to give a point to Perez who was fighting for a second place in the standings, but he coldly refused.

It appears the teammates are at logger-head. Max replied by saying he had already told them last time and that they should not ask him again. He claimed that he had gave his reasons and will stand by them. Dissapointed, Perez responded by saying that this shows who he really is. Red Bull were stressed and  under-pressure in the aftermath of the race to insist that all was 'cool' between the teammates and that they would play together for the team in the future.

But with that cold shoulder coming through in Saudi Arabia, it provokes the question, " just how harmonious is it over at Red Bull?" And if there ever comes a time when he his teammate to be a reliable wingman, Verstappen was warned by Perez about how that game would play out.

In an interview with Fox Sports Mexico, Perez said it is always important to work as a team and as he sees that he is not receiving support when he needs it, he won't give it either. Max replied saying it is a obvious face but he won't need Perez’s help at any time, with this Max might have finally pushed Perez’s patience over the edge, and so the future does not look really bright for the team unity.