Could Vettel make a surprising F1 comeback?

Sebastian Vettel shares his thoughts on potential Formula One comeback.


Sebastian Vettel has discussed his thoughts on a potential comeback to Formula 1 and his involvement in the sport in an official capacity. As he prepares to drive two cars from his collection at Goodwood, including Nigel Mansell's championship-winning Williams FW14B and Ayrton Senna's McLaren MP4/8, Vettel highlighted his commitment to raising awareness about the impact of motorsport on the climate by converting the cars to run on synthetic fuels.

When asked about the possibility of a role within F1 or the FIA, Vettel mentioned that he had a productive meeting with F1 president Stefano Domenicali earlier this year and expressed his belief that F1 has a significant responsibility due to its size and influence. He stated that there is more to F1 than just the cars themselves, with large numbers of people attending races. Vettel revealed that he is in discussions with F1 and shared his ideas, but ultimately, he will see what the future holds.

Since leaving F1 in 2022, Vettel has received numerous job offers, but he is currently focused on spending time with his children. He explained that he wanted to experience a different lifestyle without a fixed schedule and explore different things that inspire him. While enjoying family time and traveling, Vettel acknowledged that he will eventually embark on a new challenge. He emphasized the importance of being there for his kids while also recognizing that he will find a new path in due course.