Despite Red Bull's dominance, F1 fans don't mind

The Italian believes that the sport is still unpredictable and exciting despite their successes.

Red Bull's dominance in the early races of the 2023 season, according to Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, is not deterring new followers of the sport.


According to the Italian, it's still too early to predict how the year will play out, but he anticipates that before the year is up, there will be "great surprises" and more intense rivalries. Some analysts have hypothesized that supporters drawn during the "Drive to Survive" era of previous intense seasons might not enjoy seeing one team dominate the outcomes. Domenicali contends that a single team's victory is more likely to disappoint ardent sports fans than not. When asked if the FIA should evaluate the matter, Domenicali responded, "First of all, if a team is faster than the others, congratulations! They did a better job than the others.

"As the regulator, it is the responsibility of the FIA to ensure that they assess the car's conformity with the regulations." If you look at the other teams, they are very, very, close together. With the budget cap, I have every confidence that things will develop for better competitiveness. However, there is another intriguing observation to be made: in the new markets, where a new audience is gaining traction, this component is not particularly significant. "It's more for the die-hard fans that if you see a dominant car, it creates a level of less interest." This is not very significant for new markets or new fans entering the industry.

And it's crucial to us because we want to ensure that there is fierce competition throughout the ecosystem. But if I were to look at the markets where we are expanding right now, I would say that this aspect is not as important as you might expect. And it's kind of interesting to share this. But that is the reality. 

By mentioning the cost cap penalty that will continue to be assessed against Red Bull's aero-testing program until October, Domenicali implied that there is still time for the standings to alter.


"We definitely see that Red Bull was very, very competitive in the first three races," he remarked. "I anticipate that the rest will catch up." "We'll have to wait and see what the impact of last year's penalty with the wind tunnel reduction is." The championship is quite lengthy, and I believe we'll have some pleasant surprises before the conclusion."

Greg Maffei, CEO of Liberty Media, insisted that 2023 will see fierce competition. "There have been teams that have had to run in the history of Formula One; Red Bull had a run, Mercedes had a long run," he remarked. "However, if you take a closer look, we're really witnessing more overtaking and rivalry than ever." I believe that data analysis shows that more overtaking occurred this year than in previous years. And I anticipate seeing more of that.

"There is certainly excitement on the track." And, as Stefano correctly points out, it's only three races; we'll see how the season unfolds.