Drugovich placement, Stroll injury

Will Drugovich replace Lance Stroll?

Just when the pre-testing season was about to hit the ground running in full force over the three-day period, being the stronghold of the team, Lance Stroll’s injury has threatened to dampen any hopes of Aston Martin prior to the season-opener in Sakhir. Upon the announcement of the news, this would ultimately spark the rumored shocking comeback of the great Sebastian Vettel.  One of the two Aston Martin’s reserved drivers, Felipe Drugovich, would end up being Stroll’s replacement amid the Canadian’s wrist injury while he was cycling in Spain. Drugovich would end up teaming alongside Fernando Alonso in representation of their team.

Regardless of Stroll’s injury being deemed as trivial, his participation in the season-opening Bahrain grand prix is not guaranteed at the moment, as there’s less than a week left before the 2023 edition kicks off.  In the event of his failure to be able to participate in the event, it is expected that Fernando Alonso will be fielded in the line-up for Aston Martin as the lead driver after a thrilling 270 laps performance in the pre-testing season whereas Felipe Drugovich is expected to be his deputy which would also mark Drugovich`s debut in the circuit.

Given that Stroll became injured, Drugovich became the replacement who would test the AMR23 during Formula One’s pre-testing season. On Sunday morning, Aston Martin asserted that Lance Stroll will be given the opportunity to race using the AMR23, however that is heavily reliant on his injury. If he will be fit enough to compete, then he will be allowed to compete, however if he isn’t fit enough then Felipe will have to step up alongside Alonso.

Formula 2 Champion, Drugovich, was added to Aston’s ranks last year, and he managed to drive two of the six sessions across the three-day pre-testing period.  The Formula One team, Aston, could not confirm Drugovich`s placement in the line-up with fellow Aston reserve Stoffel Vandoorne also an option and the retired Sebastian Vettel believed for a humongous comeback.

Left is Felipe Drugovich and right is Lance Stroll


F2 Champion Drugovich, ready for AMR23 testing

The AMR23 machine is expected to perform outstandingly in the 2023 edition due to the impressive testing times observed in Bahrain. Fernando Alonso, at the age of 41, managed to test in two of the three-day periods, finishing amongst the top three fastest drivers whilst Drugovich managed to impressively clock a number of laps, yet it was his first time. 

The Team’s Principal, Mike Krack was highly impressed by Felipe’s efforts on Saturday describing his driving as flawless as the youngster managed to complete 117 laps without putting a wrong wheel. The F2 champion would go on to accentuate the fact that he feels excited about the upcoming races, with the car developments that they have seen, and he certainly looks forward to qualification to further stages of the competition adding that he feels positive in that he and the two time world champion, Fernando Alonso gave it their all for their team and maximized the given opportunities.

A look at the performances of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Drugovich: