Expanding the F1 grid makes more sense to Steiner

He believes adding new teams will only add extra costs and complications to existing teams, without providing any tangible benefits.

In 2022, Andretti announced its intentions to join F1. Currently, it races in almost all forms of motorsport in the United States. This year, a formal announcement was made by Andretti on its intentions to submit an entry to compete in the F1 World Championship. It will be joining hands with Cadillac, a General Motors brand. 

Gunther Steiner believes there are no disadvantages but only risks for the existing F1 teams, which currently total to 10, by expanding the grid.

Adding more teams on the F1 grid means reduction of the prize money shares for each team, hence raising concerns for the existing 10 teams, unless of course, new teams bring in full manufacturer support to the grid. That way it would bring great benefits to the lot, otherwise the benefits of expanding would be insignificant.


Speaking to Sky Sports F1, Steiner said, “The 10 teams which are here, they’re all financially stable, they’re all well set up. It’s a very good environment at the moment, nobody is struggling. So if you put an 11th team in, and you get a little bit of a dip in the economy or something, all of a sudden, people maybe struggle to survive. So why take that risk if there is no upside? Because an 11th team, what upside is it bringing?” 

He continued, “It’s not for me to decide, it’s for FOM to decide, FOM and the FIA, because they’re managing the business side of F1. There is no upside at the moment for an 11th team to come for the other teams. There is just risk, no benefit.”

The Concorde Agreement outlines that any team that would like to join would have to pay a $200 million. The money would be put into a dilution fund that would be divided among the 10 existing teams. 

However, some F1 prominent figures want the figure to be adjusted to at least three times the current figure. This will be done once the 2026 Concorde Agreement comes into force. 

Michael Andretti commented, saying that concerning the Andretti bid, the resistance he was facing was because of greed, citing that teams were “looking at themselves and not looking at what is best for the overall growth of the series.”

Any new teams that would like to join the grid have up until the 30th of April to submit the necessary documents to the FIA, who will sit on it and decide by the 30th of June. The qualifying bidders will then be able to join the 2025 season.