F1 2023 Austrian Grand Prix Debrief

Another dominant display of performance by the reigning world champion, Max Verstappen.


Sunday, the 2nd of July marked a great day for the Red Bulls as well as the Ferrari Racing Team as Verstappen went on to execute his unrelenting charge toward his third crown by claiming his seventh win of the season out of the nine-race events completed thus far. His win further elevated him to an 81-point lead further making history and solidifying his name as the fifth greatest F1 driver in terms of F1 Win beating Ayrton`s 41-win record.

The two-time world champion won his fourth-fastest lap of the season with a time of 1:07.012 as he went on to win the race after claiming the top spot in the qualifying session on Friday, and a victory in the Sprint race on the Saturday session.  Verstappen`s runner-up was none other than Ferrari`s Charles Leclerc and in third place was Verstappen`s counterpart, Sergio Perez, after having qualified in 15th place. Lando Norris`s performance was voted driver of the day as McLaren introduced the first part of its three-part upgrading system. Carlos Sainz took fourth place, resulting in a 2-4 win and Ferrari`s best for the season. The seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton asserted that he never thought they would be as slow as they were with Toto Wolff adding that he was aware of the bad condition of the car. The other drivers who made it to the top 10 consisted of Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Russell, Stroll, as well as Pierre Gasly.  

The ninth race event took place at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria, marking it the second event to incorporate sprint races. The race comprised 71 laps and the lap leaders comprised Red Bull`s Max Verstappen as well as Ferrari`s Charles Leclerc, with both drivers leading 62 laps and 9 laps respectively.

An Overview of Lap Leaders:

Drivers` Standings after the Austrian GP:

1Max Verstappen26
2Charles Leclerc18
3Sergio Perez15
4Carlos Sainz12
5Lando Norris10
6Fernando Alonso8
7Lewis Hamilton6
8George Russell5
9Pierre Gasly2
10Lance Stroll1

An Overview of Constructors` Standings:

1Oracle Red Bull Racing377
2Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team178
3Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team172
4Scuderia Ferrari158
5BWT Alpine F1 Team48
6McLaren F1 Team27
7Haas F1 Team11
8Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake9
9Williams Racing7
10Scuderia AlphaTauri2