F1 is not a political sport, according to Christian Horner

The sport should remain a source of entertainment and excitement.

He believes that teams and drivers should remain focused on the sport and that the sport should be a unifying force. He believes that introducing politics into the sport would only create division and tension. Horner is in agreement with the FIA's stance that Formula One should remain a sport free of political influence.

Christian Horner, the Red Bull Racing boss, supported the FIA’s ban on political statements and movements, saying F1 is a form of escapism from the bad things going on in the world.


The long-time serving boss Christian Horner confabulated with The Post and told them that he does not believe F1 should be used as a platform for political gain, this was after the sport's governing body announced that drivers would be prohibited from making political statements during race weekends. In his words, at the Red Bull’s season launch in New York, he said, “F1 is not a political sport, and it shouldn't be used politically.” “We are a sport, we are a form of entertainment and a form of escapism from the s--t going on in the world.”

Horner, who is 49 years old, denoted that the FIA plays a very important role in the regulation of the sport, and he believes that there will always be freedom of expression and freedom of speech. He says they have always given the Drivers the ability to speak their minds. Both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, who recently retired, have been outspoken about environmental issues, human rights violations against LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter.

However, it wouldn't be fair to say they are the only ones active in speaking out politically. There are other several drivers who have also spoken out against the new verdict, Alex Albon in the Williams team. He said “We know politics and stances are sensitive areas, but we need clarity from the FIA on what they are trying to tell us ", as he told the reporters at the Williams season launch this week. 


They expressed that they need to be able to speak freely to some extent. A lot of people look up to them as spokespeople for the issues that are prevailing in the world, and they feel it is their responsibility to make people aware of these type of situations. 

Stefano Domenicali, the F1 CEO, appeared to oppose the ban when he insisted that the sport will never put a gag on anyone. He went on to say that they have an opportunity because of the position of the sport which is globally, multiculturally and multivalued internationally.