F1 Team Principal's servitude period

This period of servitude is a crucial element of a F1 Team Principal's job and is essential to the success of the team.

The Team Principal is responsible for supervising the team's performance, managing the budget, and making decisions regarding the team's strategy. They also work closely with the drivers and other staff to ensure the team is working efficiently and effectively.

Team Principals have totally caught us off guard, as we thought Formula One was starting to calm down for the winter break. We have been treated to a fresh, interesting season as the team principals began moving around to come up with a scene where multiple teams will go into the 2023 season with a new figure on the throne. The ripple effect started when Mr Mattia Binotto handed in his Ferrari resignation letter, which cleared the way for Fred Vasseur to make his move to the Scuderia which had been heavily heard about in the grapevine leading to the confirmation arriving.

Obviously, not every boss went looking for a new team, with several names concreted as long serving figures in their teams, while three have been there since the very tailoring of their outfits. So with that being said, let us take a look at all of Formula One's team bosses, and how long they have each managed to sit on the throne.


Horner retired from racing at the age of 25, and ever since then he started pursuing a career in management, he also bought a share in the Arden international team which has managed to get a lot of success in the junior racing arena. While Horner began seeking for a route into Formula One, the Red Bull team gave him that opportunity by appointing him as the team principal of their new outfit at the beginning of 2005, which was followed by their purchase of Jaguar. Mr Horner has remained on the throne ever since, managing to make the team win five Constructors’ Championships in that time, plus six Drivers’ titles by Sebastian Vettel who attained four and Max Verstappen who attained two.


Another leader worthy to be talked about is Toto Wolff. He was appointed as team principal for Mercedes in January 2013 in order to grow the group. As he had made his entrance into Formula 1 as a shareholder of the Williams team, Mr Wolff decided on to buy a share in the Mercedes outfit too. He then left Williams in January 2013, although remaining a Co owner during the time, to take over as executive director at Mercedes. Building on the foundations laid by Mr Ross Brawn, Mr Wolff oversaw Mercedes’ remarkable success in the sport as they claimed eight Constructors’ Championships in a row between the years 2014-2021, plus seven consecutive Drivers’ Championships from the year 2014-2020. This was a streak Formula One had not seen before.


Franz Tost was appointed as team principal of Red Bull in 2005 in November. He is another boss who remained loyal to his team since the very start. Mr Tost was appointed as team principal of the Red Bull Toro Rosso back in the year 2005, the team formed after the Austrian firm had purchased Minardi which is now known as AlphaTauri, including Verstappen, Vettel, Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo and Pierre Gasly.


Guenther Steiner was appointed in April 2014 to be the team principal of the Haas team. This was to put the major foundations in place to secure a position on the grid for the team. As he was appointed Haas team principal in April 2014, Steiner was already hard-working interviewing potential staff members and building business relationships with Ferrari and Dellara who, after Haas joined the grid in 2016, continue to play important roles in the operation of the team. Steiner has become the hero team boss in Formula 1. This is because he is known for his lack of a filter for words, which even with the media rarely bars him from speaking his mind.


Aston Martin appointed Mike Krack in January last year, 2022. After his appointment, the Luxembourg native brought into the fold, which was followed by the departure of former team boss Otmar Szafnauer. As he was formerly the head of BMW’s motorsport operation, Mr Krack has a role in realizing the goal of Aston Martin’s owner Mr Lawrence Stroll, who wants to see the team persevering at the very front of the Formula 1 grid in the near coming years.


Otmar Szafnauer, a man who seeks to stand strong and alone in the throne, was appointed in the Alpine team as team principal in February 2022. Mr Szafnauer left Aston Martin in January 2022, saying it was not in favor with him at the team as there were now 'two popes' present, referring to Mr Martin Whitmarsh who had recently been appointed CEO. It is said that two bulls cannot co habit in one kraal. And as had been rumored, Szafnauer’s switch to Alpine was confirmed just a month later, swapping one team with ambitions and aspirations to move up the grid for another.


Last but not least, Mr Frederic Vasseur was appointed in the Ferrari team in December 2022. This is the most recent appointment now which started with Vasseur, who bid farewell to Alfa Romeo team to take over as the Ferrari principal, Mattia Binotto announcing that he would resign from the role at the end of the year in 2022. A constant in the world of Formula 1 since 2016, Vasseur’s appointment makes him Ferrari’s first non-Italian team boss since the year 2007, at which time Vasseur’s fellow Frenchman Jean Todt was preparing to hand over the reins to Stefano Domenicali.