Ferrari, Mercedes and Audi put an end to Red Bull 2026 plans

Red Bull has been denied new engine supplier benefits by Ferrari, Mercedes, and Audi.

Red Bull was looking forward to being an engine supplier as from the year 2026, but those dreams have been shuttered because of teams that were “anti” the move. These teams include Ferrari, Audi, and Mercedes that stopped the team from getting any advantage because of supplier benefits. The decline of the request comes as a result of pressure from existing suppliers (Renault, Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes) who are joining the sport right as from the year 2026.


The arguments of these teams was that despite Red Bull Powertrains having come into play in 2022, they had a great deal of prowess and knowledge already that put them at an advantage. The concerned teams pointed out to the arrival of distinguished signings like Ben Hodgkinson, as well as five more engineers from Silver Arrows.

As from 2026, Red Bull Powertrains shall be revamped to Red Bull Ford Powertrains. They are working together with Honda till 2025 and already Red Bull’s expertise in hybrid and electrification in F1 is on another level, which can be considered at par with the competition. If Ford had chosen to go independently, they would have gotten the extra hours, just like Audi. 

Ferrari was reportedly waiting for Red Bull to confirm its status before it goes into agreement with FIA. The FIA confirmed six power unit suppliers for 2026, so far.

Christian Horner says the primary engine made at Milton Keynes base will be fitted to a Red Bull car sometime this year. “We’ve got 150 weeks left before we have an engine driving out of a pit lane for the first time in the back of a Red Bull car,” said Horner. “So that focuses the mind, it’s a big challenge. It’s a ballsy undertaking, to think that an independent team can take on those type of manufacturers."

He added, "But again, it comes down to the same culture, the same approach that we’ve had to going racing on the chassis side, and ultimately having everything under one roof and the benefits that brings long-term is significant. So that’s taking quite a bit of my time and attention just to make sure that we’re hitting our targets in that area.”