Ferrari`s Woes at the British Grand Prix

A call for car upgrades intensifies after the Silverstone scenario


The Ferrari duo clearly did not have a good day at the 2023 British Grand Prix as compared to their previous encounter in which they had attained their best results of the season however, they managed to walk away with some valuable points with Sainz as well as Leclerc grabbing P10 as well P9 respectively, closing out the top ten drivers of the race. Their ill performance was attributed to their cars which lacked upgrades that were necessary to help them maintain their usual performances or even much-improved ones. 

Rumor had it around the circles which was largely based on Ferrari`s strategy that they had used for their race however, the Ferrari duet (Sainz as well as Leclerc) argued that the strategy served as a good call for a fair play. According to Ferrari`s Carlos Sainz, their car was not consistent with the windy conditions at the British Grand Prix. 

After the race, Carlos alluded that the car`s condition wasn’t the most exhilarating and hence affected their overall performance. “We were certainly struggling a lot on traction in all the tailwind”, he said.

He went on to argue that they couldn’t get on the power and the change of tires made up for an even worse situation that they found themselves in. He added that as a team they are very much aware of their grey areas and where their weaknesses can potentially alter their overall performances but also the British Grand Prix served as a call for improvement of their machinery. Carlos also stressed the fact that he worries the inconsistency behind the Ferrari SF23 might also affect other race events rather than just Silverstone. 

“We are highly dependent upon the wind, track conditions as well as track temperature for an improved performance”, he said. Furthermore, Carlos explained that the state of their car revealed at the just-ended GP leaves them vulnerable even for more events to come if left unattended. To add on the crisis they find themselves in, he stated that tire degradation, wind sensitivities, the inconsistency of the car, as well as challenges in high-speed corners will result in a very much poor performance of the car and hence of the team as well. 

Carlos also spoke on the issue of wind sensitivity (wind conditions changes) stating that the priority towards car upgrade should be focused on that as the car seems very difficult to drive during changes in wind conditions. To end the discussion, Sainz established that as a team they are aware of their ailments and areas in which they need to work/ improve for a successful run and bid for the crowns.