Ferrari's struggle at Silverstone

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Charles Leclerc says Ferrari's troubles at Sunday's British Grand Prix were worse than he expected at the start of the weekend. The Scuderia endured a very disappointing race at Silverstone. Before the race, Ferrari had their sights set on the two McLarens in front, but Leclerc did not threaten third-placed Oscar Piastri. Both Ferrari drivers missed the safety car timing, allowing some of their rivals to make 'free' pit stops, but Leclerc's weakness in high-speed corners became apparent as his Ferrari SF-23 held the pace at Silverstone. I admit I missed it. "I think at the beginning of the weekend we expected it to be a tough weekend, but it definitely wasn't this far," Leclerc told Sky Sports F1. He said:
"In qualifying it was a little bit better than expected, but in the race I think it was a little bit worse than expected, so we need to work on that."

"There was no big drop in performance, just the car wasn't quick enough. We had problems in the first half of the race. Mercedes and McLaren were really quick in the first stint, but George Russell's Mercedes was on the soft tyre. It was very early. I managed to keep him behind, but I don't know what happened after that, I don't know why I pitted so early, but I don't know the whole picture. ”


"We fell behind because everyone else continued to run on mediums that didn't show much deterioration. I tried to do as much as possible to get the lap times they had on the old mediums and pushed after the stop, but then they stopped during the safety car and regained all the positions. It wasn't the best race today. "After the safety car, I tried to attack with the new mediums, but Alex Albon had DRS on the car in front, so I couldn't do anything." Ferrari took pole position at the British Grand Prix in 2022 and the team is now going a calendar year without a win in F1.