FIA super licence fee 'absurd' for Max Verstappen

The FIA super license is a mandatory document for drivers wishing to enter the Formula 1 World Championship. The fee for the license is based on a driver's experience and performance in other motor racing series, and is set by the FIA.

Mr Verstappen is not pleased at all with the charge which is now nearing 1 million euros which must be paid for his Formula One Super Licence.


For each driver to be a participant in a new Formula One season, the Super Licence fee should be paid to the FIA. The fee is calculated by combining a set fee with an amount which is calculated based on how many points the driver will have scored in the previous season. As for Mr Verstappen, he scored an amazing 454 points on his journey to the Drivers’ title in 2022, winning a record of 15 races totally. However, this has landed him with a record fee of 963,800 Euros to enter the 2023 Formula One season.

When combined with the standard fee of 10,400 Euros, in addition 2,100 Euros is added per point scored, which after analysis is seen to have accumulated to the big amount for Mr Verstappen. Because of this, the Red Bull driver has labelled this amount as absurd or, in simpler words, abnormal. 

In his words, he said, “I think the amount is absurd”. He went to express that he does not believe that it's right for them to be paying such high amounts. He also said in other sports that is not the norm and here in Formula One there are many races, yet they are expected to pay such high fees. Max reportedly earned the highest amount out of all drivers in the 2022 Formula One season, and is appealingly set to repeat that this year in 2023, but nonetheless, such a fee would be far from painless to pay.

Luckily for Verstappen then, while unfortunate for Red Bull, the and driver programme boss and team advisor Helmut Marko said that as according to his understanding, Mr Verstappen’s contract states that Red Bull will be the ones covering Max's Super Licence fee.


In his words, he said, “I’m afraid we have to pay that, if I have our contract right in my head”. Therefore, Max doesn't have to worry about the fee, as the team will pay for him.