Fittest F1 Drivers of all time

An Overview of the determinants of fitness of various F1 Drivers


Fittest F1 Drivers of all time

F1 drivers undergo physical strains during their races which can see them lose a lot of water in their bodies due to dehydration despite weight loss due to extremely high temperatures in their cars. In general, the traits of a successful Formula One driver are defined by their mental strength, physicality, neck flexibility and strength, reaction time, endurance, as well as their precision. Fitness is very important in the world of Formula One as the success of the drivers is heavily dependent upon their level of fitness in the sport. The article below focuses on the top fittest Formula One Drivers based on the criteria mentioned above for successful F1 drivers. 


Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, is considered to be the best driver Formula One has ever had and ultimately the fittest driver as the success of an F1 driver is dependent upon their fitness. His mentality towards fitness sessions propelled him to become an iconic name in the world of motorsport racing. Lewis’s approach towards the sessions enabled him to reach a historic achievement of seven world titles, as he consistently alluded that his primary wish was to enjoy the fitness sessions and go the extra mile when doing them. The seven-time champ also considers kickboxing as a fitness exercise.


Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is a two-time world champion, currently driving with the Red Bull Racing Team. He is a defending champion getting into the 2023 season and is heavily favored to be crowned the 2023 champion. Verstappen in his young career has amassed massive success, becoming the youngest grand prix winner, and youngest F1 Driver to be crowned world champion with some fans arguing that his performance resembles that of the legendary Michael Schumacher as well as Lewis Hamilton who both have a total of 14 world champions in total.

Much of his success has been attributed to the fitness sessions that he regularly goes through. Being an Instagram fanatic, he is always posting his progress during and after the fitness sessions. He has the unique mindset of having his most rigorous fitness training sessions just before race seasons begin and even during the race series hence the explanation behind his incredible performances as far as F1 is concerned. To improve his strength, Verstappen also engages in high-repetition core exercises. 


Esteban Ocon

Currently driving for Alpine, Esteban Ocon holds an all-time record for the most consecutive number of finishes from the start of his career (27 finishes) having made his Formula One debut at the 2016 Belgian Grand Prix. Ocon is widely known as a fitness fanatic who loves snows hoeing which enables his strength, alongside his physique, which he is able to illustrate on racetracks.

Kimi Räikkönen

Kimi Räikkönen is a retired general within the circles of Formula One, having last raced under the Scuderia Ferrari Team and scored them their last world title to date. His Formula One career spanned 17 years, having driven for four F1 Racing teams namely Sauber, McLaren Mercedes, and Lotus as well as his farewell team Ferrari.  Raikkonen was widely known for his love for snow sports, and his participation in Snowboarding and Skiing. His fitness was also enabled by his participation in various racing sports comprising NASCAR, as well as Snow Mobile Racing, to mention but a few. 


Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is a two-time world champion who is currently driving for the Aston Martin Racing Team. He is regarded as one of the most versatile F1 drivers of all time, and he is currently enjoying one of his best career runs. He made his F1 debut in the year 2000 during the Schumacher era, and he remains a formidable name in F1. Fernando isn’t only an iconic F1 sportsman but also a tennis player, a sport that he loves particularly because of the physicality that it brings to him. Because fitness is so much important to F1 Drivers, Alonso is one of the many drivers who have hired personal fitness coaches who keep track of their progress and fitness as a whole.