Five Drivers under the most pressure ahead of the F1 2023 season

With the new regulations and a new generation of drivers coming up, it will be a challenging season for these five drivers to prove their ability and maintain their position on the grid.

Each and every Formula One season has given its fans thrills and spills that make it the most loved and famous racing sport in the world over. Whether it's drivers looking to make a mark, or drivers that want to remind the others of their presence in the sport, some may be having their debut seasons, all this giving the fans the service they desire. Yet, there are some drivers who are under great pressure, who must perform at the highest level throughout the season, whilst for some the idea is to get results and impress those that matter the most for their careers and their teams to eventually succeed.

Oscar Piastri


Oscar Piastri from Alpine and is now a McLaren driver will be making his debut in the F1 2023 Bahrain GP. This comes after the eight time grand prix winner, Daniel Ricciardo bowed out of the McLaren team due to an underperformance. McLaren quickly expressed their desire to have Piastri in their team by signing him as one of the two race drivers. 

Oscar Piastri was the first driver to win the Formula Renault (2019), Formula 3 (2020) and Formula 2 (2021) in consecutive years. Piastri comes in to join Lando Norris as ML160 race drivers. He stated that it has been a whole year for him without racing and surely there will be some rust, but all he needs is intense preparation. Piastri will be going head-to-head with a very much experienced Oscar Piastri who has quickly solidified himself as McLaren’s top star. As McLaren went out of its way to sign in Piastri, the 21-year-old comes with so many expectations either to reach Norris’s level or do better than Daniel Ricciardo however Piastri states that he does not have any extra pressure at all.

Sergio Perez


The Red Bull drivers, Max Verstappen as well as Sergio Perez, are reigning world champions. Perez is preparing himself for his third season with Red Bull, with Perez having scooped nine podiums and two grand prix wins in the previous season.

As the team has been joined by the eight time grand prix winner, Daniel Ricciardo, when asked whether this places him in a high pressure zone, Sergio asserted that as a team they are privileged to have Daniel as part of them, referencing his valuable experience which he brings to the table. He further stated that whenever one is a Red Bull driver, they have to perform at their best level, it doesn’t matter whether Daniel is at Red Bull or not, the team will have the power to choose whomever they want as their driver. 

Perez has further stated that his aspiration is to simply take the crown, and he has no pressure at all getting into the Formula One 2023 edition.

Yuki Tsunoda


The Japanese Alpha Tauri driver, Yuki Tsunoda, managed to score only twelve points in the 2022 Formula One season. Yuki suffered avoidable accidents in the 2022 season, as he struggled with the car. He is said to be a driver who is highly skilled and has a lot of experience with two seasons in Formula One. For this reason, Tsunoda is expected to deliver a stellar performance in the 2023 edition. Alpha Tauri has a tendency of demoting underperforming drivers in the mid-season, and given that Tsunoda doesn’t step up to the task, he is at the risk of being replaced with another driver.

Nico Hulkenberg


Hulkenberg will be making his return to the grid with the Haas Team in the F1 2023 season. His primary goal is to come back and not have any regrets. Hulkenberg managed to replace lance Stroll, Sergio Perez as well as Sebastian Vettel, when all the three tested positive for COVID-19 at five different grand prix events. He last raced in 2022 where he came 12th. 

In 2023, Nico will be joining the Haas team replacing Mick Schumacher, giving him his first full-time driver series since 2019. Hulkenberg has delivered some impressive displays as a reserve driver for Ashton Martin. Nico argues that the Haas Team took note of his precious statistics, and achievements, and they opted for him to be their choice driver, and now he has to prove why he deserves the opportunity.

Lance Stroll


After suffering from a winter bicycle accident in Spain, Stroll was declared unfit to sit behind the wheels for the pre-testing season in Bahrain. Stroll will be driving at the Bahrain grand prix with pins in his wrist after having gone through a surgery. 

Lance Stroll is set to race on the first grand prix amidst concerns that he is not fully fit to drive the car after being rushed back. The F1 2023 season will mark its seventh in the history of the sport. Stroll has revealed his ability to stand toe to toe with the sport` top drawers when he clinched a sensational pole at the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix. What remains to be seen is whether he will be able to pull off an upset and go all the way to the crown with a broken wrist, or will Felipe Drugovich ultimately make his long awaited debut season in the race series.

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