Formula One car 2023: Alfa Romeo C43 is tested in Barcelona

To ensure the car is up to their standards, Alfa Romeo is using Barcelona as an ideal track to evaluate the C43's potential.

It is great news that the Alfa Romeo team have officially become the first team to give their 2023 version car a test rundown by taking the C43 to the track in Barcelona. They have described this as a pivotal movement in their development. 


The Swiss outfit broke the norm or rather tradition of car revealing this week when instead of revealing a prototype car, they showed the actual beast for the 2023 season. While the team Alfa still have time on their hands to make changes before the season starts in Bahrain, they decided to differ from other teams and produce a car that will have similarities to the one they used in the first race. 

The C43, which featured an eye catching new black and red design, embarked on the track for the first time on a Friday as Theo Pourchaire, Valtteri Bottas, Guanyu Zhou rounded some laps at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya.


The Spanish track has normally been the ground of choice for testing the Formula One teams given its European location but in 2023 things will be done differently, the official pre-season testing will take place in Bahrain. Bottas was given the honor of being the first one to drive for the Alfa team, he tweeted a video of the Finn unveiling from the garage in the beautiful Spanish weather conditions. 

Another interesting factor is that the C43 shares a lot of features in design from other 2022 team’s cars, but one key similarity was to Red Bull’s RB18 car. Given the team’s supremacy last year, it is not surprising to see other teams get inspiration from the Milton Keynes outfit, but Alfa team alluded to the fact that it was the cooling elements of the RB 18 that they paid close attention to. 

The Technical director Jan Monchaux denoted that after the first session of their two filming days in Barcelona, with the second coming on Saturday said, “The debut of our C43 is a pivotal movement in our season, it marks the start of our on track campaign and really drives home how close the season is.” 


As he continued, he said “Today was very important to ensure that everything is in place, not just with the car but with the wider team, ahead of what is going to be a crucial start of the Championship. We have to thank everyone who worked on the car, and of course also our partners Ferrari for getting us here. We are ready for testing, and we can’t wait to get to work in Bahrain.

They know the challenges that lie ahead, but they are confident and optimistic that, with the same attitude, the same hard work, they will be successful and make another step up the ladder.