Formula One qualifying will take place at Imola

This historic track promises to provide an exciting and thrilling experience for all Formula One fans.

Qualifying will determine the grid order for the race. The pole position, or first place, will be given to the driver who achieves the fastest lap time. This will be a crucial moment for the drivers as it marks the beginning of the race.

What is known as the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix which takes place in May has been assigned as the first venue to feature the trial of a new F1 qualifying platform, which the site can and will reveal. As part of the effort applied to reduce the number of tyres that are brought to Grand pix, an experiment will be conducted during two races on qualifying format. The quantity of tire sets available to each driver during the weekend will be reduced from thirteen to eleven, and there will be a new way of approach for the qualifying teams.


At the moment, team drivers are completely free to have a personal choice on which tyres they are going to use in the three categories of qualifying, but at these two events the compounds will be given authority or in other words, mandated. However, drivers will be forced to use the hard tyres in Q1, medium tyres in Q2 and soft tyres in Q3. If any of the sessions are pronounced as wet, then the tyre choice will become free will.

While under the experiment, drivers will be permitted access to three sets of hard tyres, four sets of medium tyres and four sets of soft tyres for the whole weekend. The initial plan is to have six set of tyres available for the qualifying segment, and five to use at free will between the free practice and the actual race.

Although there has been no official communication on confirmation of the final chosen venues as yet, some sources have revealed to the site that the Emilia Romagna GP weekend from 18 to 21 May will be the first event selected.

The second will most likely take place approximately the time of the summer break, which will then give Mr Pirelli and the other teams time to closely analyze if the experiments have been a success and if the format can become a norm from as early as next year in 2024.


Some early analysis from experienced engineers suggest that teams will most likely use one set of soft tyres in FP2, and one in the FP3, which will guarantee two sets of softs for the Q3. Teams that will not make it through to the final qualifying section will then have access to two more sets of soft tyres for the race, which is something that could prove beneficial at the racing tracks.

As of current updates, the FIA announced this past week that an invitation to tender for F1’s supply contract for the year 2025, 2026 and 2027 will be launched in the coming weeks.