Formula One teams opposed reducing car weight in 2023

Despite the teams' objections, the decision was made to abandon the plan to reduce 2023 Formula One car weight.

Word has arrived that the plan and suggestion to reduce the minimum weight of Formula One cars by 2 kilograms this year to 2023 has been dropped, although some teams have been fighting to keep the lower limit in place.


The 2023 Formula One technical rules and regulations were published a while ago, with the reduction from 798 kgs to 796 kgs accentuated as part of a general push or movement to eventually have lighter cars in weight. However, in the interim, the 2022 weight of the car was increased from 795 kgs to 798 kgs in the early months of last year (2021). This was mostly in response to the porpoising they saw while testing, and it was necessary to take account of these items such as floor stiffening. 

A meeting was held by the technical advisory committee, during it, it was agreed to stick with the 2022 figure of 798 kgs for this season as it had originally been intended. Originally, that change should have been a straight forward process, but because of administrative oversight, it was omitted from a technical regulation update that was formally passed by the Formula One Commission and should have been engraved into the regulations some time back. 

Now what could be the FIA’s next step? The FIA's next step was using the governance process. This requires eight teams to agree on a change in order to remain at 798 kgs rather than drop to 796 kgs as was originally published. It is understood that while the stunt had initially sufficient support, some teams changed their mind and did not agree to switch back to the higher figure to be approved. 

That was mostly because they strongly believed that they could get closer than their rivals to the originally planned lower limit weight with their 2023 cars, and so because of this they can potentially gain a competitive advantage.


However, the FIA had one more move to do, as the rules and regulations allow for a change of minimum weight limit if a set of tires is heavier than the previous season due to a modified construction. 

Article 4.3 in the rules and regulations states that the minimum weight "will be adjusted up or down according to any differences between the weight of the dry weather tires used in the championship taking place in the calendar year referred to in the title and the preceding year's championship.