Formula One will see a better upgrade push from Haas

This upgrade push from Haas will give Formula One the impetus it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

The new push from Haas is aimed at improving their performance and catching up with the leading teams. The team is expecting to get an advantage from the use of new parts and upgrades in the upcoming season. They hope to be able to challenge the top teams and finish higher in the standings.

Haas team has hopes of building some momentum in Formula One this year, and these hopes have been boosted by the workforce finally having a proper upgrade programme for the first time in a while. The American outfit has been disadvantaged by the Cost Cap budget limits in past seasons, which cut its hands short in terms of being able to afford regular development steps upward. Two years back in 2021, the team only managed to do a single upgrade to the Emilia Romagna Grand Pix very early in the season, whereas last year it focused its efforts on a new package that it brought to the Hungarian Grand Pix.

Rivals have brought updates frequently and have made good progress and because of that, the Haas team has revealed that it is likely going to do things differently this year (2023) than it has in the past. Confabulating about the plans, the Haas technical director Simone Resta said that on upgrades, he thinks it's probably one of the most fashionable arguments in Formula One, and he won't spoil the surprise for anyone.


He went on in his comment denoting that they will have a stronger program of upgrades compared to last year, and they are still working on it. They have just defined the launch car and the team is still working on it. As for now, they have their road map, but it's very early for them to say clearly what they are going to do.

It is fair to say Haas team should have a bit more financial freedom this year in 2023, as a result of both moving up to eighth in the Constructor's championship and securing a new title sponsorship deal with MoneyGram. And while Gunther Steiner, the team principal, has said increased funds will not prompt it to change its business figure, Mr Resta says there should definitely be some benefits. He went on to allude that finishing eighth in the Constructors' championship in 2022 was a positive result for them.


As a known fact, they aim to always improve and finish better, but it was a step-up the ladder for them reaching number 8 and this will give extra resources to the team. In his words, he says, "We are always trying to maximize the amount of money we can invest to move forward and make another step. That has been one of the many aims with this new project, to be able to have a stronger season development program. 

The next question for fans is what are the new Haas team changes? 

The new Haas VF-23 performed for the first time on Saturday in Silverstone and featured some key visible changes to last year's challenger. In philosophy terms, Mr Resta says it is only but an evolution, but he is very clear that a lot of detailed work has gone on to find both Aerodynamics and weight improvements.

He said, “We have tried to save some of the components on the car that performed last season but also try to improve the aerodynamics performance of the car and also improve the weight of the component and improve the quality of the car. There has been a massive rework of the car, and some of the components don't look radically different. It's probably more of a development of the 2022 race car, but there is a complete rework of the car involving many, many components.”