Hamilton forced to eat up his words as he qualifies for the Spanish GP

During the Spanish Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, the British racer, celebrated his win to fifth on the grid. He was in a competition with even himself to make it to the top 10. 

Commenting on the progress that has been made so far he said, "It was interesting because during the session I was thinking, ‘Damn, yesterday I said I wasn’t going to get into Q3 or into the top 10, and basically I was eating my words’.” 


“Of course, my last lap wasn’t the dream lap, I was second basically all the way until Turn 10 and I had a snap and lost two-tenths. On one side I’m gutted, but one side of me is really grateful just to be up there, up in the fight and have that pace.”

He was asked on what his objectives for Sunday's race were, and he commented, "My goal is to win somehow. I’m going to try and drive the wheels off the car and try and get up as high as I can.”


During the race, Hamilton came together with his teammate George Russell on the start/finish straight, which left Hamilton with a damaged front wing. Russell ended up on 12th position because of a change in his car's balance. He was questioned on whether he and Hamilton had some sort of plan and in response, he said, "I hope that wasn’t part of the plan, because it’s not a good plan if it is! No, I think it was just a big miscommunication, a lot of traffic on the out-lap, I was just looking ahead trying to take the slipstream from Carlos Sainz, and the next thing I know Lewis was there. Fortunately, nothing big happened, but I’m just a bit disappointed to be out in Q2. I was really struggling with the car the whole session, wasn’t feeling the same as it was in practice, and that was kind of the maximum I could get out of it. Not ideal, but it’s a long race tomorrow.”


Asked on whether Mercedes was trying to set up a tow between him and Hamilton, Russell replied: “No, not between the two of us. I think there were cars on fast laps behind us. I had to let Sainz past at Turn 13, you can’t really see that far in the distance. Maybe Lewis was starting his lap… I don’t even know if he was starting his lap or finishing his lap. Obviously it’s not ideal for the both of us, but that didn’t really contribute towards the lack of pace.”