In George Russell's view, a few drivers stand out


George Russell recently explained that his previous remarks about not wanting to challenge three drivers were taken out of context and did not accurately convey his intended meaning. He actually meant that there are three drivers who are "a cut above the rest".

At the Spanish Grand Prix, Russell exhibited his most exceptional performance of the season. During a interview, he was questioned regarding the championship leader, Max Verstappen. The reigning champion has achieved a highly advantageous position by triumphing in every single one of the five races and is presently maintaining an impressive streak of three consecutive triumphs. Despite the fact that other drivers on the track may still display aggressive behavior, Russell has affirmed that the reigning World Champion does not necessarily have to exhibit the same level of aggressiveness as he has in past seasons.

Russell mentioned that most of the drivers "rely on each other," but nevertheless acknowledged that there are "approximately three drivers on the circuit" who would make you feel uneasy while competing. Almost everyone has a good sense of space except for those three who, in his opinion, lack spatial awareness compared to others. "You enjoy challenging yourself against skilled drivers as you trust their ability to handle their car and maneuver it in challenging but safe spots, unlike less experienced drivers," expressed the ex-Williams racer. The 2022 São Paulo Grand Prix champion opted to withhold names when asked for further details regarding his remarks before the Canadian Grand Prix weekend. Rather than address the inquiry regarding racing with Max and his aggressive behavior, he evaded the question by claiming that the statement was misconstrued. 

According to Russell, I derive pleasure from racing, and I am more comfortable when competing against the best drivers in the field who possess exceptional spatial awareness on the track than when racing against some of the other drivers who lack such skills. Each driver competing in this grid possesses exceptional talent, having emerged victorious in their respective categories during their career. However, as expected, there are a select few drivers who stand out from the rest with their exceptional skills.