In the F1 shakedown, what do you expect to happen?

During a Formula 1 shakedown, teams are given the opportunity to shake down the car and all its components before heading out to race, making sure that everything is running smoothly and that the car is ready to go.

Shakedowns are a common practice in Formula One racing cars. But before delving into discovering what happens during a shakedown, let us define the word. A Shakedown is when a car is trying a new, different part before taking it to the grid to check its full performance. This is also done for safety reasons.

Before a Formula 1 racing car gets into the grid for the first official test period, it has to undergo a set of challenges orchestrated. These challenges usually include the first time the engine is ignited, the presentation of the team and most important of all the shakedown of the vehicle. A shakedown usually takes place in seclusion behind closed doors and is done to ensure two areas of concern. First and foremost, the car must be comfortable for the driver.

Another reason which is the main reason why a team conducts a shakedown is to make sure that the car is mechanically fit and that all the various systems and accessories are in the correct place. The possibility is usually that nine out of ten teams on the grid will carry over their lower body frame also known as the chassis from 2020 into 2021. However, the McLaren team, who according to word and sources have signed and secured a deal with Mercedes, will have to pay close attention to the feedback and information from their drivers during the process of their shakedown in Silverstone.

The Company Pirelli provides special compound tires to every team. These are mainly for the shakedown events and teams are constricted to only 100 kilometers of test racing or approximately 20 laps. Considering the above, if a team wishes to engage two drivers on that particular day, they will have to find a way of allocating those 100 kilometers to the two drivers, for example they divide it into 2 then each driver gets 50 km.


According to the rules and regulations, the F1 teams are allowed only two-filming days, of which one is dedicated to finding the purpose of the shakedown. These two set aside days are the only provision teams are given legally to test their cars outside the agreed official test periods.