Jeremy Clarkson will have to honor his bet with Alpine

And he's got to fork out some money...........

Esteban José Jean-Pierre Ocon-Khelfane, a 26-year-old French racing driver scored third place in the Monte Carlo races. The Alpine racer put in a great effort not to lose to Ferrari and Mercedes, which were just lagging right behind him. George Russell had managed to get ahead through the switch to the intermediate tyre but however quickly slid off the road at Mirabeau, placing Ocon back in his third position, he carefully drove all the way till he pulled off his first podium of the year, with his podium win being two years ago at the Hungaroring. Alpine's latest podium was with Fernando Alonso at the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix. 


During the podium finish, the 26-year-old yelled, “Estie bestie’s on the podium, baby!” He's scored a new nickname within the team, and he also managed to secure the title of F1 Driver of the Day.

Jeremy Clarkson, English broadcaster, journalist, game show host and writer who specializes in motoring, who has 8 million followers on Twitter, spent his Sunday afternoon tweeting about the Monaco Grand Prix event. 

Clarkson, towards the end of the race, tagged the team and wrote, "Come on Alpine, I’ll buy you all a pint if you get a podium here.” Ocon responded with a smiley face. At the end when Ocon claimed the podium position Clarkson wrote, “Well done Alpine, I owe you many Hawkstones”, referring to the beer he produces from his farm.

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A single bottle of Hawkstone costs around £2.50 and for Clarkson to remain true to his word he has to fork out about £2500 for the 1000 Alpine employees. Responding to Clarkson's tweet, the sub-assembly coordinator Ellie Williams wrote: “waits patiently for several bottles of beer to arrive at our factory…”, and the wind tunnel engineer Brett Foster wrote “looking forward to it!”

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Not only did Clarkson tweet about Ocon's victory but also made fun of Max Verstappen. He captioned Verstappen's picture: “Christ. With that lot on board, my money’s on Max.”