Lance Stroll to race in F1 at 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix

Stroll, given the go-to race in Bahrain

Just when it was only a few days before the pre-testing season of the 23rd to the 25th of February, Lance Stroll of Aston Martin had a right wrist injury which he suffered whilst he was cycling in Spain. As a result of the accident, Stroll was medically uncleared to race in the pre-testing season, which would ultimately lead to Felipe Drugovich replacing Stroll. Whilst Drugovich most certainly impressed those that mattered the most in his grid performance, it was announced that upon Lance Stroll’s uncertainty in his misfortune, he would eventually replace Stroll in the Bahrain Grand Prix only if Stroll was not yet medically cleared to race. However, in the sudden turn of events, Aston Martin has announced that Lance Stroll will race in the Bahrain Grand Prix as his injury was not significant.

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll


The Canadian said that he underwent a successful minor surgery in his right wrist injury. Lance Stroll, who is son of the team’s billionaire owner, Lawrence, is expected to be in the lead come the kick-off race in the Bahrain Grand Prix. Whilst he was cycling, his tyre caught a hole in the ground, and he tripped and fell on his bike and that was how he would end up with a wrist injury. As a result, he would miss aligning himself with the AMR23. Stroll has been undergoing massive training and preparation with the Aston Martin team, for the Bahrain GP. In 2021, Lance Stroll raced in 22 races and in 2022, he also raced in 22 races, winning none and obtaining a total of 34 race points and 18 race points respectively.

An analysis of Lance Stroll's performance in 2021 and 2022:

Stroll stated that it was disappointing for him to miss the three-day pre-testing season to test the AMR23, however upon mutual agreement with his team’s officials, it was agreed that he would take the time to focus on his injury and heal completely as he prepares for the Bahrain GP. At the pre-testing season in Sakhir, everyone was impressed with the AMR23 speed, with Fernando Alonso causing an upset, becoming the second fastest on the first day of the pre-testing season whilst becoming third best on his second day of the pre-testing season, directly sending a message to the F1`s top three teams. 

Aston Martin finished seventh in the 2022 edition however due to the much impressive AMR23 livery, they are expected to make their mark in the 2023 edition. At the Bahrain GP, the team’s reserve drivers, Felipe and Vandoorne, will be at the circuit on the 5th of March when the first GP of the season kicks off. Felipe Drugovich will have to wait a little longer to make his F1 debut.