Leclerc car upgrade opens new opportunities

An investigation into Charles Leclerc's non competitive Ferrari found no serious problems with the modernized car, according to Italian media. 


Although the Monaco driver made it through to the penultimate qualifying round with a Ferrari 'B' in Barcelona and a fundamental fault is suspected, Ferrari chief engineer Jock Clear said Leclerc and Carlos Sainz's car was indeed an improvement. up.

But he warned: "The package didn't make a difference of half a second or seven tenths as they said. Two to three tenths at most," Clear reportedly told sports daily Marca.

In Spain Sainz fared much better than Leclerc, qualifying second and finishing fifth.

"The good thing is that in Barcelona it's two tenths of a time and it's a track that really reveals the weaknesses of the car," said Clear. "You can't go to Barcelona and hide.

"That's really positive. We did some modernization work on him one of the more challenging tracks."


An investigation into Leclerc's car reportedly yielded no results, but Mr Clear said it was clear Ferrari's upgrade was indeed a success.

"Exactly," he insisted. "That was our Achilles heel," added Clear, citing the car's driving problems.

But the really good news, he said, is that Ferrari has a better understanding of what's causing the problems with its 2023 car. "We have a budget so we don't have time to try something and figure out how it works. We understand why this (new) package works and this is new to us. I think it's an area."

Rumor has it that Ferrari, like many other teams, will present another step of upgrades at Silverstone.