The Testing Season Shows Good Hopes for Ferrari

As the testing season draws to a close, Ferrari's performance on the track suggests an optimistic outlook for the upcoming racing season.

Charles Leclerc says Ferrari is foreseeing good signs from their races so far. In 2016, the 25-year-old won the GP3 Series championship and the following year the FIA Formula 2 Championship. 

During the pre-season, on Friday afternoon, Leclerc managed to score an incredible 68 laps. In the morning of the same day, Sainz scooped 70 laps. The two finished sixth and eighth respectively. However, the Ferrari car seemed to be having technical issues, as the car was seen bouncing on the bumps at Sakhir. 

“I mean, I don’t think we are particularly worried with that. We have done quite extreme set-ups yesterday, changing big time the car. I think the first day was mostly for that, to try and do different directions on a bigger scale than what we will do in a race weekend, which is what the test is for,” said Leclerc. “We’ve had a positive first day and now more days will go on, more laps we’ll do, we’ll go into the details and fine-tune it. It is not a concern right now.”

Ferrari looks to take on Red Bull. “Everything kind of matches our expectations, which is a good sign, so this is positive. This has to be done, just to see whether everything matches. Luckily, everything matches, and today we’ll focus on trying to extract a bit more performance by trying to be a bit more at ease with the car,” he said. 

When the racing began, Sainz was second and later dropped to position six. Apparently, though, Ferrari is on the right path as they achieved a 2022 target. “Smooth, very smooth to be honest. Quite happy with how we’ve been able to run with the quantity of tests we’ve managed to do over the first few days exploring the limits of the set-up, trying to put the car in different places and learning a lot from it, which is a target that I had from last year and couldn’t do and so far I’m managing to do it. The car feels like an evolution of last year, it feels honestly very similar to drive, and there hasn’t been major changes going on in the car or the concept so trying to improve the good base that we had last year, and obviously now putting our focus on the weaknesses of last year.”