Lewis Hamilton-Angela Cullen split was not for the best

The two had an amicable separation, but it is clear that the outcome was not what either of them had hoped for.

Nico Rosberg, a German-Finnish former professional racing driver who competed in F1 from 2006-2016 with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, reckons that the split between his former teammate Lewis Hamilton and coach Angela Cullen could worsen things for Hamilton. He alluded that he thinks so given the importance of the trainer-driver relationship.


Angela Cullen is a New Zealand physiotherapist and former field hockey player, best known as the physiotherapist to Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula One world champion. 

Ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Cullen and Hamilton announced that they were putting an end to their work relationship. The split was a harmonious one and commenting on their relationship, Hamilton said Angela is “one of my closest friends” and “I am a stronger athlete and a better person because of her.”

However, Rosberg worries that this might not have been the best move. “I think that probably makes things even worse because even though the split apparently was amicable, you know, Angela was a real friend I think also to him,” said Rosberg. 

“And it’s with your trainer that [you spend] most of the time during a race weekend. You end up also going to dinner in a very small, tight group with maybe a family member and a trainer and that’s it and for Lewis not to have her as well, I’m sure it’s going to be not ideal, not so nice. I think probably that’s another challenge and difficulty that he has to deal with and get used to.”

British former professional racing driver, Damon Hill added: “I think most of us were very surprised by that because he did make quite a lot of emphasis on how useful she had been and how good she’d been for him to get his mind in the right place, so a bit of a surprise to see them splitting up.”


It is important to find the right trainer, one that understands and respects Hamilton as an individual and as a driver. They should have the necessary experience and knowledge to guide Hamilton to success. A good relationship between the two is essential for all parties to reach their goals.