Lewis Hamilton handles his losing battles with wisdom

He shows his resilience by learning from his mistakes and striving for success, no matter the outcome.

Andrew Shovlin, a British Formula One engineer, currently the trackside engineering director at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport F1 team, believes Lewis Hamilton’s success may be hitched to his responses to losing.

Hamilton, is a British racing driver currently competing in F1, for Mercedes-AMG Petronas. The 38-year-old is a record-setter, with 103 Grand Prix. Currently, he is making his way to seven World titles. Many have different opinions on why he's remained successful over the years, and Shovlin has also taken to the media to air his views.

According to the engineering director, Hamilton is much better at losing than most. He handles his losing battles with such wisdom, which sets him apart. “You can’t ask Lewis to be happy when he’s lost a race; that’s not how he works, but he loses really well if you want someone to come back and win the next one. He’s actually better at losing than most I’ve seen because of how diligently he goes through the block of work of understanding what he needs to be better, where did he miss the opportunities. He doesn’t enjoy it, but it’s about the result at the next race, not whether he’s smiling or giving a nice interview," the engineer commented.


“Lewis has natural talent in abundance,” continued Shovlin, “but his work ethic and ability to continually develop and improve means that, for drivers trying to beat him, he’s a bit of a moving target. The thing with Lewis now is his bad days are so few and far between, and even on his bad days he’s as good as the others. That’s what’s brought him to the level he is. It’s the consistency. And when he’s at his best, the level is just phenomenal.”

Hamilton will most probably be going up against Red Bull's Max Verstappen for the World Championship. They have regularly collided in F1, but Max says it's pretty different with him. In the F1 2021 season the pair clashed three times, and in November 2022, they were at it again.