Lewis Hamilton's most memorable Formula One race

He put on an impressive show, demonstrating his skill as an F1 driver and solidifying his place as one of the greatest in the history of the sport.

As his "best race ever," Lewis Hamilton has selected the 2021 Interlagos final as his "best race ever."


In one of the most dramatic rounds of a spectacular season, in which he battled tooth-and-nail with Max Verstappen for the World Championship, Hamilton overcame being disqualified from qualifying to win the race. It was an emotional weekend for him.

Hamilton qualified on the pole, but a technical error with his Mercedes caused the rear wing to expand 0.02 millimeters too much. He was forced to start from the back of the field for the sprint race on Saturday, and while he eventually moved up to fifth, a further five positions dropped him to start Sunday's race from 10th.


Despite facing a pack of competitors, Hamilton persevered and engaged in an exciting battle with Verstappen throughout the race. The two drivers nearly collided several times, and both veered off the track as Verstappen tried to maintain his lead. However, in the end, Hamilton emerged as the victor and secured a pivotal win in his effort to reduce the gap in the Drivers' standings.

Apart from the joy of winning, the achievement had a far-reaching impact on the Mercedes driver, who was later granted the status of an honorary citizen of Brazil.

A video was released by Mercedes featuring the seven-time World Champion, who was shown reviewing various images of his 10-year association with the team. During the video, he selected a snapshot of himself on the highest podium at Interlagos in 2021, where he had triumphed over Verstappen while being covered by the Brazilian flag. He went on to detail the significance of that specific weekend to him.

Hamilton commented, "I believe for sure this is my best race ever and probably the most special race of my career."

When I stood on the podium with the flag, I felt immense pride. The pandemic had resulted in countless tragic stories, and I had seen the devastation unfold through the news. It hurt to see so many people across the globe lose their loved ones to the Coronavirus. Brazil had suffered greatly, with over half a million lives lost due to negligence by some individuals. The country was in immense pain, and I could feel it. As a child, I admired Ayrton Senna and watched him carry the flag.

“Anyhow, I qualified for pole and got disqualified for a wing that was 0.02 millimeters out, something like that, and I remember that moment in my life when my heart just sank because I knew I had to win.” "I recall at that time thinking, "It's over; I can't win this World Championship," and with all the work we had put in all year, I just felt so defeated and helpless."

Throughout my career, something I've been able to do is say, “Move on; I know we'll get there; there's nothing you can do about the past; move forward; we can do this.” "I simply stayed in the evening and set it away." I finished all of my homework, and the next day I returned and drove from last to first.

"When I saw one of the marshals holding the flag, I stopped and grabbed it, and that was just one of the most special moments." And when I held the flag up on the podium, it really just signalled to everyone within Brazil that I acknowledge you, I appreciate you, I appreciate Ayrton, and I love Ayrton, as I always have since I was a child.

“Even though I wasn't Brazilian, I was hoping that somehow I could uplift the country, but now I am Brazilian.”