Lewis Hamilton`s take on Max Verstappen`s Dominance

The seven-time world champion shares his thoughts on Max Verstappen`s dominance.


Lewis Hamilton has defended his criticism of Max Verstappen's dominance in Formula 1, stating that his own period of dominance was also not what fans wanted to see. Red Bull has been incredibly dominant in the 2023 season, winning all ten races so far, including sprint victories. This level of dominance has raised concerns about the excitement and competitiveness of the sport.

Hamilton believes that F1 cannot allow this kind of dominance to continue for the sake of the fans. He acknowledges that during his and Mercedes' dominant streak from 2014-2021, close racing was often lacking, with significant gaps between cars. He argues that the introduction of a budget cap was supposed to level the playing field but hasn't achieved that goal. Hamilton emphasizes the need for continuous conversations about how to make the sport more exciting and prevent prolonged periods of dominance.


While recognizing Verstappen and Red Bull's exceptional performance, Hamilton stresses that his comments are not meant to diminish their success. However, he believes that it is important to prevent a cycle of one team dominating for multiple years. He suggests that the current landscape in F1, including the cost cap, could allow Red Bull to dominate for another three years. Hamilton hopes for closer battles and a more competitive championship, with multiple teams in contention until the last race.

Hamilton concludes by expressing his desire for everyone in the sport to work towards creating a more engaging and unpredictable championship. He points out that the excitement of a closely fought championship battle is what fans truly appreciate. Hamilton himself holds the record for the most Grand Prix victories but has not added to that tally since 2021.

In summary, Hamilton stands by his criticism of Verstappen's dominance and highlights the need for closer competition and exciting battles in Formula 1. He calls for ongoing conversations and improvements to ensure that the sport remains thrilling for the fans.