Lewis Hamilton should pull up his socks as Verstappen is on his tail

With Verstappen's increasing popularity and consistent performance, it is high time for Lewis Hamilton to step up and make sure he does not let his guard down.

Max Verstappen is performing quite well, and Lewis Hamilton should pull up his socks in order to win a record-breaking eighth World Championship.


Hamilton corresponded to Michael Schumacher’s record of seven World titles following a supreme 2020 campaign, but all that went up in flames the following year as he lost to Verstappen after a controversial Abu Dhabi finale. Verstappen was in control in the 2022 season as he won the title by 146 points. Hamilton was struggling to keep up in a vexing Mercedes that couldn't challenge for achievements regularly, which led him to a fruitless Formula 1 season, the first of its kind in his entire career. 

Even so, Hamilton has expressed his desire to continue in Formula 1 even after his Mercedes contract expires at the end of this year. He however has not revealed any certain plans as yet. The Mercedes-AMG Petronas has expressed his disappointment at the lack of speed of his new car for the season. He finished fifth place in both races that have taken place so far, and Red Bull seems to be having the upper hand. 

Former Formula 1 team principal Jordan remarked on how Hamilton will have to pull up his socks if he wants to save his career before the end of the year, as Verstappen is on his tail. On the Formula For Success podcast, Jordan, speaking of Hamilton said, “He adores and loves his racing, and remember, he’s been doing this since five or six years of age, so I don’t know where he gathers the total commitment every weekend, to gather the excitement to keep doing it time and time again.”


He continued, “So I would forgive him if he decided to stop. I’d support him on that. If he decides to go ahead, I want to see that he has at least a chance to fight for races because that eighth World Championship has to be in the back of his mind. He knows he’s equalled what Michael Schumacher has, but let’s be very clear about this. We look into the future, if everything stays well with Max, and I’m hoping that it will both mentally, physically and everything to do with the car, then Max is going to hit 10 World Championships because he’s that young, and he’s that good, and you know what he’s like, how fast is he? He’s just ridiculous, how good he is."

He went on further on to say, “So I think Lewis needs to get on his bike and hurry up and get number eight, because it’s soon to be passed up by Max in any case. Would I say should he go? He has to see how this new development goes with the Mercedes and really how truthful or how honest that Toto Wolff can be, of what he knows can be developed within the car because it’s going to be a huge ask to get that car up to the level of Red Bull. And I say the same thing and include all the other cars, including Aston Martin, but in particular with Ferrari, they’re all fighting for second place at the moment. And that’s how I see it happening.”