Logan Sargeant aims to be the next face of F1 in America

The young American driver is determined to make his mark in the sport and become a household name in the US.

In 2021, Logan Sargeant joined Williams as a trainee. He has previously competed in the 2022 FIA Formula 2 Championship and came fourth overall. He wants to help expand F1 in the United States.


The 22-year-old racer has completed his initial two Grand Prix weekends in F1 as a 'senior' racer. Ever since Scott Speed, Sargeant has become the next American full time F1 racing driver. Although he arrived without any nationalistic fanfare that other drivers have had, he hopes to capture the American public once again, who have spent quite some time without a driver they can cheer on. 

The weekend of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix did not turn out so well, as Sargeant struggled to qualify. However, he is still finding his feet in the sport and will sure do better as time goes by. 

Reflecting on the very first race of that weekend, he smiled as he commented, "Generally, it definitely exceeded my expectations. The team performed extremely well, and we definitely maximized what we had. It just really set a great foundation for me to build from, and it gave me a lot of confidence moving forward. I learned a lot through the race weekend.”

Sargeant has the special role of being the only American frontman on the F1 grid, and we wonder if he'll manage to be the ambassador of America in F1. In response to that, he commented, “I don’t know. If I’m not, hopefully, I can keep performing well enough to become that. I honestly haven’t been able to look into much other than just trying to prepare for the races, but that would be something I’m looking at trying to do.”

Sargeant is interested in following the approach of Pierre Gasly and Daniel Ricciardo who are quite open with the media. “I think it’s all to come with time. At the moment, considering I’ve done so few Grands Prix, I still need to find my feet, I still have a lot to learn. At the end of the day, it’s about getting to F1, and then making sure we can stay here before we think too much further. But I have a great team around me to help me on that side and I know we’re going to be doing everything we can to build my brand, I guess you could say," he said. 

Nevertheless, Sargeant does not feel any pressure with the fact that he's the only American driver, as he said, "At the end of the day, my self-expectations are extremely high. That already puts a lot of pressure on myself, so I don’t think that would be any extra added pressure as it’s already there!”

Not too long from now, he will race at home, with the first of 3 races held in his home state of Florida, heading to Miami in May. He does not feel any pressure of racing in front of his homies. “I’m always going to be excited to go back and race Formula 1 where it all started for me, and the chance to have friends and family at the race,” he alluded.

He continued, “I actually haven’t raced in cars in America ever, so it’ll be really cool to have that opportunity for the first time. Generally, everything I’ve seen has been very positive and exciting for the American fans. So, hopefully, I can continue the growth of F1 in America and give them someone to cheer for. Having the opportunity to have three home Grand Prix is more special than stressing about the pressure of them. I feel like, if anything, they’re more uplifting to be able to be on home soil, to have my family there to support me, to have my friends there they’re more just a pleasure and a gift than anything else.”

Being Williams' Driver


Sargeant was signed as William's rookie in 2021 and a year later, he was confirmed as a race driver. Now, that timeframe would certainly give one pressure, realizing that the team has given him that much trust, and they truly believe in him. Explaining on that, he said, “The pressure will always be there in F1. I put the pressure on myself to perform at an extremely high level, and I think integrating with the team was very, very easy. I felt like I was already part of the family from the work I did with them all last year, whilst I was racing in F2, and it was pretty much just like stepping up into the bigger role, but with all the familiar faces and people I was comfortable with. So I feel very, very comfortable everywhere that I am at the moment.” 

“It motivates me even more to give it my absolute everything to perform well for them, for them to believe their investment was worth it. I ultimately want to perform at a high level for them, as well as myself.”

So does Williams have any goals lined up for Sargeant, or he's set up a target for himself? “I have a lot to learn. So I’m taking it race by race to continue to learn, the goal is always to go out and try to score points, try to put the car as far up in qualifying as I can. But I want to get through the next three to five races and really see where we are. Then I can reevaluate and start to set proper expectations on where I want to be and how I can get there,” he said.