Marko: De Vries performing quite up to expectations

Professional racing driver and current advisor to the Red Bull GmbH Formula One team, and head of Red Bull's driver development programme, Helmut Marko says that is what he wants to see from Dutch racing driver, Nyck de Vries, after his incredible performance at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix.  


Nyck was signed up to replace Pierre Gasly and has had quite a rocky start as he struggled to keep up with his teammate Yuki Tsunoda, both in races and in qualifying. 


In Monaco, the 27-year-old Dutchman reached Q2 for the second consecutive time. On Sunday he put in a measured drive to 12th, re-gaining a place he lost to Valtteri Bottas as Tsunoda faced brake issues, which saw him drop to 15th. The following was a Miami Grand Prix weekend in which de Vries out-qualified Tsunoda for the first time. 

Red Bull's advisor, Marko highlighted how he was delighted by de Vries' performance. "This was by far his best weekend for AlphaTauri," said Marko as he spoke to "Nyck was much closer to Yuki than before. This is what I want to see from him. Yuki was also really good until the brake problems came again. This is something that has to be solved by the team, they have brake problems so often."

However, Nyck hasn't yet fully impressed the team as they still look forward to him getting fully on par with Tsunoda. “Of course, we want to see more,” added Marko. “We thought we'd bring in someone with some experience already to challenge Yuki. But that didn’t happen yet, so that is the most important thing.”

Marko declared the rumours untrue that mentioned him setting a Spanish Grand Prix deadline for de Vries to manifest marked improvement before they consider a replacement like Red Bull's junior Liam Lawson, who is doing pretty well. 


"There is never a deadline. We just watch it and look at the performances," commented Marko to when he was asked about the rumours. “When we have to act, then we will act. At the moment we don’t do anything.”

The Dutchman also wasn't surprised that he was under scrutiny and all kinds of rumours are going around. "It's not a shock to me, it's normal; it's this industry," said de Vries. “It's always been like this in Red Bull and in Formula 1. I genuinely believe it's no different than earlier in the season. You've always got to perform, you've always got to deliver. It's been like that throughout my whole career.” 


Continuing he said, “As a driver, you always fight for your survival, and you always need to deliver to continue your career forwards successfully. It's normal. It's how it's always been.”