Max makes history for Red Bull

The Reigning World Champion secured a historic win for Red Bull at twelve successive wins.


Max Verstappen's victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix marked a historic moment for Red Bull Racing. This win was his seventh consecutive victory, extending Red Bull's winning streak to 12 races, which is a new record in Formula One. Verstappen's dominance has created an air of inevitability in every F1 event, despite hopes for a change of pace with Lewis Hamilton starting in pole position on Sunday.

However, Verstappen wasted no time in asserting his superiority by overtaking Hamilton on the first lap, leaving the seven-time champion to fall back to fourth place. From there, Verstappen maintained his usual form and built an impressive lead that seemed unbeatable. The remaining excitement in the race revolved around who would join Verstappen on the podium, with Lando Norris securing second place.

Reflecting on the race, Verstappen expressed his satisfaction with a strong start, emphasizing the team's effort to improve their performance off the line. He highlighted his decisive overtake on Hamilton and praised the speed of his car throughout the race. Verstappen also shared his enjoyment of working with the entire team, always striving for improvement.

This result in Hungary further extends Verstappen's lead in the drivers' standings, with a 110-point advantage over his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez. The team's exceptional performance continues to solidify their position at the top, with 12 consecutive wins. This achievement surpasses McLaren's record of 11 straight wins.


In summary, Max Verstappen's victory in Hungary solidifies his dominance in F1 and sets a new record for Red Bull Racing. His exceptional driving skills, combined with the team's impressive performance, have made them a force to be reckoned with in the championship.

F1 2023 Drivers` Standings

1Max Verstappen281
2Sergio Perez171
3Fernando Alonso139
4Lewis Hamilton133
5Goerge Russell90
6Carlos Sainz87
7Charles Leclerc80
8Lando Norris60
9Lance Stroll45
10Esteban Ocon31

Race Debrief

Norris set the fastest lap with his fresh tires. Both McLaren cars were impressively fast, leaving Hamilton astonished.

Responding to McLaren's strong performance, Verstappen made his first pit stop. The championship leader enjoyed a quick 2.3-second stop and comfortably returned to the lead on hard tires.

Piastri maintained a significant 11-second lead over Hamilton in fourth place, as he aimed for his first podium finish. Perez overtook Sainz, elevating himself to sixth place.

After overtaking Sainz on the previous lap, Perez smoothly passed Russell on corner two. In response, Russell finally made his first pit stop of the afternoon.

Ocon was being assessed by medical professionals following his crash on the opening lap. Reports suggested that his seat snapped in half, raising concerns. Meanwhile, Perez had set the fastest lap of the race so far.

Perez started closing in on Hamilton, leveraging his new medium tires. As he fought for his Red Bull future, a top-three finish from ninth on the grid would greatly boost his cause.

Perez intensified the pressure on Hamilton as he aimed to snatch fourth place. He entered the DRS range and had to make the move swiftly to secure a podium finish.

Hamilton and Perez engaged in an exciting battle, with Perez on faster tires and having DRS advantage. However, Hamilton skillfully positioned his car in the corners, defending his position.

Just as Hamilton looked set to overtake him, Perez pitted and received an impressive 1.9 second pit stop from his team. Piastri also pitted simultaneously, putting Perez just 1.7 seconds behind him on fresh medium tires.

Norris pitted and rejoined the race comfortably ahead of his teammate, securing himself a podium position for the second race in a row.

Leclerc received a penalty for speeding in the pit lane, further dampening his race. Perez, with DRS, is closed in on Piastri, making an overtake seem inevitable.

Perez showcased a brilliant recovery drive as he overtook Piastri for fourth place, which was likely to become third once Hamilton made another pit stop. Leclerc received a five-second penalty for speeding in the pit lane.

At lap 51, Verstappen made his final pit stop of the day and rejoined the race 13 seconds ahead of Norris in second place, with Perez closing in on him from behind. Only 18 laps were left for Verstappen to secure Red Bull's 12th consecutive win, a new record.

At lap 54, Verstappen set the fastest lap of the race, beating Russell's previous record by over a second. The racing was truly stunning.

It had been a disappointing race for Hamilton, who lost the lead early on. He was now chasing down Piastri for fourth place. Meanwhile, Perez continued to close in on Norris.

Hamilton overtook Piastri at the opening corner, pulling to the right and passing the Australian on the inside. He was now 11 seconds behind Perez, which meant it's likely a fourth-place finish for him unless any last-minute drama unfolded.

Perez rapidly closed in on Norris, navigating through heavy traffic.

Norris and Perez found themselves battling through traffic as they fought for second place behind Verstappen. Norris was holding a 3.2-second lead, but Perez was steadily closing the gap.

Russell took a wider line into the final corner and effortlessly overtook Sainz on the start/finish straight with DRS. This moved him up to seventh place and puts him just 5.9 seconds behind Leclerc, who had a five-second penalty at the end of the race.

As the race neared its end, Perez's attempts to catch Norris failed to be fruitful. The gap between them remained at around five seconds. Hamilton was also closing in on Perez, just 2.9 seconds behind him.