Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton better in the same car?

Same livery, who stands tall between Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton?

The legendary careers of the seven time world champion Lewis Hamilton as well as the young and dynamic Max Verstappen can never be ignored in the history of the sport in its entirety. While it is highly unlikely to see the current titans of the grid and easily the most superior, in the same team, their individual performances can be monitored via their achievements, that of their teams, interviews from other F1 legends who have shared the grid with them which would ultimately give us an overview of who will be best in equal machinery between the sport’s reigning world champion as well as the sport’s all time statistically most successful race winner. It has been argued however that it is not quite easy to certify that past results can predict future results, hence difficult to rely on the basis of results to conclude on who is the better driver.

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, GOAT debate


Christian Horner has applauded Max Verstappen for his achievements in the sport at just the age of 24. Horner consolidates his decision to honor the young and upcoming Verstappen by saying that the Red Bull car was a lesser-performing car than the Mercedes car in the latter half of 2021. He argues that given the state of the Red Bull’s car in the latter stages of the 2021 edition, and also that Mercedes had the stronger livery, Max Verstappen exhibited an excellent level of performance. Whilst Hamilton remains the statistically Greatest of All Time Formula One driver, Christian Horner cements his belief that it would be Max Verstappen who will reign supreme given that they are using one and the same apparel.

Below is a brief overview of Max Verstappen's and Lewis Hamilton's World Championships:

Verstappen has always outperformed his teammates, something that the seven time world champion has had challenges with. At a time when the Red Bull team was not having the perfect cars to enhance the team’s performances, it was Max Verstappen who carried Red Bull on his back, and it was the young lad who broke Mercedes’s record of winning titles consecutively. When interviewed on whether he thinks he will be able to surpass Lewis Hamilton on the grid, Max Verstappen stated that he would be able to be faster than him if they are in his car.  He further argues that he would be two tenths faster than Hamilton in his car. Hence, the confidence of the reigning world champion is exactly what has propelled Horner’s belief into Verstappen’s tremendous abilities in the grid.

Here is a recap of the performances of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton:

Formula One fans, in volumes, have quite a different perspective to that of Horner. They have argued that Lewis Hamilton is a seasoned racer whilst Max Verstappen is still young and has quite a long way to go, but he is on the right path to becoming a great winner. Hamilton is described to be the most consistent between the two drivers, with some alluding that Lewis Hamilton drives smart, and his driving is close to perfection making few mistakes and has the edge in experience whilst Max Verstappen has speed, and pure raw pace, he has the confidence of an outsider and adapts his driving style to that.      

Contrary to Christian Horner’s belief, fans have rallied behind Lewis Hamilton’s complete package of skill, talent, maturity, as well as experience. The seven time world champion has been described as the master of wet racing and has a high winning statistic in wet races. In terms of getting the most out of the car, and also in terms of consistency, Lewis Hamilton has been thought of as the better man whereas in terms of raw driver talent, Max Verstappen has been described as the better man. In a war between the most talented (Max Verstappen) and the most consistent (Lewis Hamilton), it remains to be seen who will be the better man given that both are behind the wheels of the same car if ever this will come to pass even though it all seems utterly impossible at the moment in time.